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Blog LinkinPrime > My First Trip To Comic Con - July 25th 2008

Posted 26 July 2008

Been living in SoCal pretty much all my life and I have never attended Comic Con. This year I decided I should check it out, I took today off from work and left for San Diego about 7am. We didn't hit any traffic and arrived at the convention center at 9am. So far so good right...nope! No chance of finding parking, there were no signs suggesting where...

Blog LinkinPrime > GameStop 25% Off coupon (1st Day Haul)

Posted 05 July 2008


Loving this weeks GameSpot coupon...25% off plus an addtional 10% with Edge card. I was looking for a used copy of Battlefield: Bad Company. I hit up to GS's...no such luck. On my second stop I did find Tomb Raider: Anniversary and RockBand which after coupon and Edge card both...

Blog LinkinPrime > I miss gaming...

Posted 03 July 2008

Been extremely busy with work this week and to top it off, my 10 month old son just started walking :applause: which is awesome but also tiresome. Having him walking/running around the place, means we have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't get into anything that may hurt him or be dangerous to him.

I normally game on late nights but all this...