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Blog samblueman > Games that can use skylanders type toys

Posted 21 February 2012

I was thinking what if more games used this feature and came to the conclusion that a for a few games it could benefit from it.I think batman arkham city's trophies would be cool if you could buy skylanders sized of the in game trophies or maybe a wwe wrestling game or sports games.What do think it could be used for more titles and more interesting ideas.

Blog samblueman > Going to little tokyo

Posted 04 May 2009

Hey guys and gals I'm going to go to little tokyo this next week for the second time and was wondering what are the must see shops and or places to eat.Last time i was there i found a hidden gem in reflex gamer a game store in a mall on the second or third floor.I just don't want to miss any great store while I'm down there.thanks for any ideas and sugges...