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Blog h3llbring3r > God of War as directed by Wes Anderson

Posted 17 July 2010

In a perfect world, better directors would produce game based movies in new and interesting ways . . . :

Courtesy of Gamervision via YouTube.

Blog h3llbring3r > Afrika AKA Hakuna Matata for PS3

Posted 21 July 2009

Afrika (AKA) Hakuna Matata



I've been meaning to post a review for this game for weeks- seeing it on sale this week at Play-Asia for $19.90 provided me with the motivation.

The version reviewed is the Korean import sold by Play Asia.

Published by: Natsume & Sony Computer Entertainment...

Blog h3llbring3r > Chainsaw Bayonet IRL.

Posted 04 June 2009


It needs a gold hard-coat before I'd buy it.

Think of all the practical uses . . .
Carving pumpkins whilst fighting off Zombies
. . . and that's about it.

Well, he's ready for the Locust.
To prove it's real (the cackling Marlboro-marm makes it):

Blog h3llbring3r > Your tax dollars at work.

Posted 03 May 2009

GameSpy just did an article about the 5 most disturbing MMO's.

AND . . . the first one in the article is Virtual Decatur . Yes, as in Decatur, Georgia.

"VD," as they mock the project in the article, is "supposed to be a simulation of the town... for people that already live in that town ."

Now I can finally say in context:
I know what dude I am. I'm...

Blog h3llbring3r > ONN on violent video games

Posted 26 February 2009

I thought this was too good to pass up.

With the ubiquitous and banal debate that keeps resurfacing (like a bad chancre sore) about the nature and impact of "violent video games," it's nice to see the Onion finding that silver-lining.

Still, the positives are not without some controversy. As the panel poin...