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Blog cdietschrun > My new guitar equipment and recordings

Posted 13 August 2010

Hi all.

I finally decided to get the guitar effects that I wanted for a long time, and also new recording equipment to get professional sound.

Here are my 2 electric guitars: 17267
My 2 electric guitars. The black one is a David Gilmour Signature Series Fender Stratocaster with an official Jimi Hendrix replica strap. David Gilmour has the real strap th...

Blog cdietschrun > ~37" HDTV deals to look for?

Posted 06 August 2010

Next weekend here in MA is a sales-tax free weekend and I am considering an HDTV for my room (I have an Onkyo surround sound system I can move up to my room if I buy the TV). I was told to look at Vizio by a friend/owner of a Vizio 32". He said the 37" are a good price now too and I looked a bit and saw things like this:


Blog cdietschrun > Got into the Starcraft 2 beta

Posted 18 February 2010

So I got an email a half hour ago saying I got into the Starcraft 2 beta, and, appropriately, popped immediate wood and scrambled to log into my long unused battle.net account.

Lets see, username, password. Invalid? Oh, right wrong password. Try this new one...Ok I'm in. Wait, what the Fuck is this battle.net authenticator keycode it asked for? I never b...

Blog cdietschrun > Considering buying a video camera...

Posted 03 February 2010

Hi all

I have ~$165 extra Amazon credit leftover from stuff and am considering buying a video camera. I want it mainly to record myself playing guitar and be able to upload it to youtube, facebook etc for people to watch/comment on.

I did some research and read a lot, and found this Flip UltraHD to be something I think very nice for what I need:


Blog cdietschrun > I beat Demon's Souls...

Posted 01 February 2010

This morning, I finally beat Demon's Souls, which I got on/around Dec.23rd, and have been playing on and off trying to get past scary enemies/terrifying bosses and concocting strategies before I play them.

The last boss I fought was 1-4's boss, the False King (that's not a spoiler). I had to adjust my entire armor layout to go for a faster rolling setup...