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Blog Gothic Walrus > My disappearing act - explained!

Posted 11 January 2009

In the past, I've had a tendency to vanish from CAG for months at a time. It's about to happen again.

Why? College.

This year, I'm a senior in aerospace engineering. The project we were assigned on Friday is a perfect example of why I haven't had free time, a life, or sleep for the past four years.

We've got to design a mission, from start to finish...

Blog Gothic Walrus > Look at me still talking, while there's science to do...

Posted 26 December 2008

I'm back. Did anyone notice I'd vanished? :-k

After three years, you think I'd have realized this by now, but college is hard . This semester, I had a semester-long design project, two nasty academics required for my degree, and a grad-level course on rocket propulsion. Once the project kicked into gear in early October, all hell broke loose and I fou...

Blog Gothic Walrus > I've got a confession to make...

Posted 01 September 2008

One of my biggest gaming "sins" comes up in the consoles I've never owned. I've never owned a Sony console, nor a Microsoft one (though I'd like to think that through my friends I've had exposure to the most important games from them).

Maybe more important than those, I've also missed out on one of the most important earlier consoles, one where a lot of...

Blog Gothic Walrus > Shark 3/7ths of a Week?

Posted 03 August 2008

I've failed in my Shark Week quest. I blame work. It's probably for the best, though, since I got a whopping one comment over the three posts I made.

Now that Shark Week is gone, I should probably change my avatar back to something closer to my username. I need to find a new walrus, or use the one that Frosty found me a while back. :-k

Blog Gothic Walrus > Shark Week Facts #3: Towel Edition

Posted 30 July 2008

1373 Today's Shark Week fact: Someone thought that this shark towel...thing was a good idea for a product.