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Gothic Walrus

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Mana KnightGothic Walrus

Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day goes well. :D
Nov 05 2008 11:48 PM

StrellGothic Walrus

Happy birthday you delicious-with-a-light-red-wine-sauce lovable bloat, you!
Nov 05 2008 06:02 AM

Gothic Walrusst0neface

Everyone needs some friends!
Aug 27 2008 03:04 AM

Gothic Walrusutopianmachine

I may be due for a change, I guess, but I haven't had any brilliant avatar ideas lately. We'll see what happens, though. :)
Jul 17 2008 02:42 AM

utopianmachineGothic Walrus

I think you've had the same avatar for eternity, but I suppose Walruses...or would that be Walrusi?...don't change much. Mounds of blubbery wisdom you possess, and that doesn't translate well to physical form.
Jul 16 2008 10:34 AM