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Blog georox > World of Nintendo - Metroid

Posted 14 January 2016

A lot of people here seem to collect World of Nintendo figures, or are trying to find them at least. Hit your Toys R Us NOW! I found Metroids finally! They also had the big Wind Waker Gannon, but I didn't care for him. Run to the stores, SPEND, BUY, CONSUME!


Blog georox > Thermal Detonator

Posted 08 April 2015

So, as a peak at things to come, here is the first piece of a new costume...


Blog georox > Halloween, Gaming, Brokeness

Posted 03 November 2014

So, Halloween has come and gone once more. It was fun, I did an Asspool costume. I also entered a costume contest and REALLY need votes, I'm losing, and I do not enjoy losing! Help me get some wonderful toys!


Vote each day from now til November 9th at 11:59 PM. Also if you have...

Blog georox > Radiation finished and cancer luck

Posted 21 October 2014

Today was my final radiation! i can't get more due to the condition my liver is in. Now I just wait a month for scans and tests to see if my liver is alright. The doctor said odds are I will have cancer again, over and over, until I get a new liver.

In better news, cancer brings good luck:

Blog georox > Cancer Radiation

Posted 16 October 2014

So, liver is still screwed. Should be on the list soon, it is cancerous and the cancer grew a bit... started radiation this week, Tuesday next week is the final dose. They couldnt' do a full round on me because my liver is in that bad of shape before the cancer, so we'll see. Either way it means I get a much-needed life saving transplant sooner.

Are you...