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#14412806 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 28 July 2021 - 07:01 PM

I said 'yes, dear' as I placed my order for the Lego Luigi set. :)

Sounds like we have the same booty call... :-k

#14389165 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 03 April 2021 - 09:15 PM

This set isn't for me, but no Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam? They omit the two characters that might look the least ridiculous as minifigs from the first series in favor of Petunia, who I can't recall having ever actually seen in a cartoon but knew her name, and Lola Bunny who didn't exist until Space Jam?

#14388953 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 02 April 2021 - 09:13 PM

Can we talk about how none of the VIP rewards are the actual thing that the company sells? How are there never any sets up for redemption - the mini VIP store hasn't been in stock for eons/isn't even listed anymore. I do the Marvel VIP thing too, and same problem. A company that built an empire on physical comic books doesn't offer any physical comic books for its VIPs to obtain.

#14372168 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 23 January 2021 - 04:27 AM

Ugh ... sorry man, controversial opinion, but Bionicle and all the other weird sets with oversized figures can stay dead. Every 5 to 10 years it seems like LEGO tries to get creative and does something weird to appeal to non-LEGO kids ... I feel like Bionicle is one of those failed experiments.

Bionicle stuck around for a long time though; I wouldn't call it failed, despite having no love for it myself. As I recall, it got hot right when Lego was having money issues right? Getting nontraditional fans interested, and dumping resources into world-building around the sets (I know they had comic books, and they were one of the first themes to have videos, right?) no doubt contributed to the rebound around 99/00 along with Star Wars.


All that said, not a controversial opinion. Really vocal factions for and against Bionicle in the Lego community. I'm just a little surprised that it's allegedly #1, considering how Castle, Space, and Pirates were bedrock core themes for ages, but not surprised at all that it's in the top 3. So much for that Ice Planet 2002 comeback... :cry:

#14312669 Steam Code Drop ~ NO BEGGING! NO TRADING!

Posted by Pirate331 on 08 August 2020 - 03:34 PM

Brutal Legend



Redeemed :)

#14276218 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 28 March 2020 - 05:45 PM

I worked at what was then my local Lego store while finishing up another post-college piece of paper (about Fall 2011). I think most of my paycheck went back into the store :lol:


Other than getting deathly ill within the first few weeks and naturally getting negged by a secret shopper who didn't like my suggestions of the then relatively new 3-1 creator sets for a less "girly" alternative to Friends for her granddaughter while I could barely speak/stand (Oh, that speaks to your "what about PTO?" point BD), it was a mostly positive experience as far as retail work goes. Way fewer kid meltdowns than Toys R Us, and shoppers mostly weren't clueless.


That said, two things really pissed me off.


1: I started either late September or October and worked a few days per week. The employee gift sets showed up for Christmas in December (the 2011 Duck set, I think, and some related cocktail glasses?). Every person there gets one, but me - "oh sorry Pirate331, you started a week too late. Nothing for you."


2: Somebody returned a space shuttle set (10231) - open box, but the bags intact. Manager opened that shit up and dumped it all in the trash to immediately take to the dumpster. I recall she specifically said she'd fire anyone she saw digging it out... so much product waste at that place. Anything returned and open in any way got trashed. And this is the same manager who'd make us empty our pockets and shake down jackets/bags at the end of the day if we were on closing shift.


Swooped in for some sweet deals on big sets though - for instance, I nabbed an Imperial Flagship, Tantive IV, and the big Alien Conquest truck/base when they were marked down in store (plus a slick 30% employee discount...).

#14157735 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 22 April 2019 - 11:07 PM

My thread, I'll allow it.


Post up some of the minifigs if you're feeling so inclined.

#14020558 Destiny 2 *Official* CAG Thread - Farmhands Wanted

Posted by Pirate331 on 04 July 2018 - 06:47 PM

LOL I guess I missed an entire faction week thing again. Wasn't expecting another so soon.

AKA another loss for FWC. The first FWC win ever!

#13951815 Destiny 2 *Official* CAG Thread - Farmhands Wanted

Posted by Pirate331 on 23 February 2018 - 04:58 AM

There should be a culling of inactive clan members... like anyone who hasn't played in 2+ months.

#13828633 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 09 September 2017 - 10:35 PM

Saw the new UCS Falcon in person today... god-damned enormous. Still can't believe it doesn't come with like 30 minifigs though. Someone else suggested one for every character to step inside it on screen, right? I like that idea.

#13529286 NFL Knockout Pool: Congrats to our winner, Pirate331!

Posted by Pirate331 on 20 November 2016 - 09:57 PM



Thank you especially to Danimal for resurrecting the Admiral's pool and to mango3s for contributing to the loot. GG pitfallharry219, see you again in next year's pool.

#13340294 The General eBay Rant Thread

Posted by Pirate331 on 24 May 2016 - 04:26 AM

More than you know. I try my best to keep it civil, but eBay is one of the things that never fails to light my fuse.


I blame my school. My high school life was filled with the strictest and most wound-up teachers. Cursing and starting trouble was met with the swiftest and harshest action possible, even if you didn't really do anything. One time in my gym class, a person (not me, honest) said f*** and the teacher with these faggoty shorts stopped class for five minutes just to try to find the culprit, saying over and over and over again "who dropped the f-bomb?" Idiot. I know it's done to condition you to not act like that later on in life, but it had the opposite effect on me. I'm fine at work, but if something sets me off outside, usually when I'm alone, I just go off with a stream of the foulest things you've ever heard.

Don't use "faggoty" as a pejorative term to describe your dick-bag gym teacher. 


As for eBay, get creative with your spelling, or list the specifics within the description that you write yourself rather than the pre-populated details. Gotta be flexible if they insist on being idiots and you need to list your stuff.

#12455043 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 30 January 2015 - 12:52 AM

My local Target must be paying me back for scoring those sub $15 75013s, CMFs are marked at the low, low price of only $4.69...

#12163040 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 15 October 2014 - 10:47 PM

Found 75013 (Star Wars Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon) for $15 at Target today. Shelf tag marked just like the fire truck sets. It's a $50 set regularly, great deal if your store has any left.

#12010616 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by Pirate331 on 15 August 2014 - 04:17 AM

Vote for the Haunted House. Bought and built one for Halloween last year and loved it. Great set for piling on your other monster-type figures too.