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01 June 2013 - 03:37 PM

Good idea for a poll, dmaul!

I'll be skipping this gen, at least for now. There are plenty of games I have not played this generation that I would love to immerse myself in, once I get the chance. Doesn't it seem like the new consoles are losing their edge when it comes to being about gaming? Improved controller latency on the PS4 is great, but I don't need the ability to watch live tv, talk to friends while playing, or so on and so forth. The options now are great. Also, a good point was raised that for the viewers who like having these options all in one place, they are still missing out on DVR or pausing and fast-forwarding through recorded tv shows.

This generation's heavy focus on social media has me wanting to create a platform myself. I don't like having all these options, I just want great games. Of course these options are going to hike up the costs of the X1 and PS4. Without a doubt both are coming out with slim designs in a matter of years, perhaps teams are already working on such models (both consoles look mammoth). I am disappointed to see video games going in this direction.