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LiK's Gaming Journal > LiK's Top Ten Games of 2011

Posted 24 December 2011

Ah man, haven't blogged for months. But I felt the need to post my Top Games of 2011. I wasn't able to play everything this year but I played a lot. So here are my Top Ten games of 2011 + Special Achievements. :)

FYI, certain games released this year may not be listed cuz I either haven't beaten them yet nor played them.

Top Ten 2011

10. Uncharted...

LiK's Gaming Journal > GAMES! So many games...

Posted 27 May 2011

Been playing and completing a lot of games in the past few weeks. I'm gonna give my impressions of all the games I've completed to date. Don't worry, there will be NO spoilers. Just wanna post some thoughts on them.


Portal 2 (PS3) - An incredible improvement over the original game....

LiK's Gaming Journal > New Gaming PC Complete + New Pick-Ups

Posted 02 May 2011

Spent last Friday and Saturday building and tweaking my new gaming PC. Building it wasn't bad. I only had an issue with the front jack connectors on the motherboard. PC wasn't turning on for some reason so I had to fiddle with it and it worked afterwards. So far it's been smooth sailing over the weekend and today. I haven't built a new PC in a few years a...

LiK's Gaming Journal > New Pick-ups (Massive Edition)

Posted 13 April 2011

Stuff from last month and this month (so far). Kinda forgot to post them since I mainly plug them on Twitter. If you read some of my recent reviews, some of the pick-ups are redundant to post but whatevs.

2011 Toyota Rav4 - My biggest pick-up of the year! It was a headache since I had specific requests and the dealership didn't have it at their lot so I...

LiK's Gaming Journal > Dlc Dlc Dlc!

Posted 04 April 2011

Played through a couple of DLC games over the weekend. It was pretty interesting to play through each one back to back cuz each one controlled so differently. But thankfully, my muscle memory made it easy to adapt...lol. No spoilers for the main games or the DLCs themselves so don't worry about it.