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#762209 Employees of ALL stores - Stories about 'special' customers! (Now with KAYDEN...

Posted by Reality's Fringe on 20 April 2005 - 03:22 AM

You know, after leaving Gamestop I find it hard to remember most of my stories simply because I've mentally blocked them. However:

1. Right when Mafia came out we had this stupid looking fool come in and trade a disc only copy of it in. Well, the next day he traded in another disc only copy. The next day another, and so on for 6 day. My incompetent manager finally got the hint and denied his 7th attempt to which, in protest, he shouted"Man, I be getting these straight illegitimate!" So I say , without looking up from doing my DBC, "Well, there you go. Case closed." He looks confused and leaves in a huff. Come to find out, he was renting them from a local videostore and trading them in.

2. We had this guy buy a disc only copy of syphon filter for 3.99. It was defective, so he sent his wife to return it. However, his wife said she wanted to TRADE it in, and left in a huff after we told her we could only give hr a dollar. Well, the guy calls up an hour later threatening to get a lawyer (for a 3.99 game, no less) and the police involved and wanting to know my name so he can come down and kick my ass etc, despite the fact that I explained to him how his dumbass wife said TRADE not RETURN and didn't mention it being defective. Well, the guy shows up the next day. He comes in (real scrawny whitetrash type, about 5'6" 150lb and all bones) trying tolook like a hardass, but when he sees me (6'4" about 224 lbs and a bit stronger than I used to be if I do say so myself) he wipes the look off and ambles on over. "Hi, hey, I bought this game (produces the syphon Filter) and I really like it, but, you know, it doesn't work. Can I get another one?" To which I reply "Sure, that is our policy" and I give him another one. He thanks me and leaves, and as I look in the window I see him apparently still acting hard to his wife. No doubt telling her how he laid down the law.

3. One guy, as I was putting out game cases, came over and whispered "Hey man, you need that DOA Volleyball. You can make them naked!" He then went back to looking at Xbox games. He was about 25.

4.Not a story about customers, but my manager used to leave me in charge of the store so he could smoke weed. Including the launch day of Madden 2005 with 80 lined up madden fans who were pissed because the shipment was late. What a fucking bastard. At least he got fired.

5. There was this little fat kid of about 12 with bleach-blonde hair who used to come in all the time. This little son of a bitch was mind-blowingly rude for his age. He would come in, slap the counter and say "Uhhh, excussse me? Can I get some service here?" Or he would request a game price, and when I told him how much and asked him if he liked one, he would say "Uhhh, no, you're going to let me look at it first." The thing was, he had his grandpa with him, and the old fucker would just stand there and smile like his grandson was the greatest thing in the world. He smiled right up until I lost itand told the kid that if he didn't ask politely I was going to dropkick him out the front window. I didn't get in trouble because, despite the incomptence of the manager, he hated the kid too.

6. We had one stupid little white-ghetto bitch come in looking at SNES games. She saw a Super Mario World we had tagged at 4.99, and brought it up and asked "Why does this tag say $3.99 (Points to the old, worn out, faded tag of a video rental store that went out of business 4 years prior) and this one (points to relatively new gamestop price label) say 4.99?!" I explain to her that the 4.99 was the correct price, and she rudely exclaims "But I want it for 3.99!" To which I simply reply "Too bad." She gets mad and goes back to looking at games. I don't get in trouble. Incompetence has its advantages.

I have some more, and if I can unblock the memories, I'll post them.