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Extreme YMMV: TRU Xbox One Games $0.02

18 December 2014 - 02:42 PM

Last night during my shift at TRU my manager had a bunch of Xbox One launch games pulled aside to "look into" For whatever reason the vanilla versions of



Dead Rising 3

Forza 5


are ringing up for $0.02 in the system. He obviously wouldn't let me buy them, and I'm not sure if its a glitch in our system or if its company wide. Their website still lists these titles for their original or sale price. 

TRU 05/25-05/31 Watch Dogs/Mario Kart 8 Promo

25 May 2014 - 04:39 AM

Just grabbed this from the new TRU Ad thats up.




Buy Watch Dogs save 40% on any PS4, Xbone, Xbox 360 or PS3 game.


Like wise


Buy Mario Kart 8 save 40% on any WIIU title.


Mario Kart 8 paired with the club Nintendo promo, and TRU make for some interesting combos.


MK8 + Super Mario 3D World + Wind Waker for 96 dollars? If I had a WIIU I'd be all over that deal. 


Watch Dogs/Wolfenstein for 96 bucks wouldn't be too bad either. 

20% Off all Videogames at TRU 3/30 - 04/05

30 March 2014 - 01:58 PM

Saw this Coupon on TRUs website with a link for it to work in store. The exclusions state Videogame Hardware, not software. Further down on their site is a link to their videogame section with text that the coupon will work on games. Doubt it stacks with their sticker clearance going on right now but I'll hit up my local TRU and try to grab Zone of the Enders HD Collection with it today and post back my findings.







TRU. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero 26.99 with 10.00 Gift Card.

16 March 2014 - 02:21 PM

Mod edit: good for all versions of the game



I closed at my TRU tonight and set up all the games in the case and whatnot. The $10 Gift Card promotion works for ALL systems (XB360, XBOne, PS3, PS4). So you should be all set there.




Toys R Us over on their webpage have MGS5 listed with a 10.00 gift card coming back for purchase. The ad only lists one SKU(Xbox 360) , not sure if this deal will work with other platforms. Guess we'll know more Tuesday. 





Coupon Below will knock an additional 2.99 off the game at time of purchase.



H: Skylanders Swap Force XBONE, Figures W: Infinity, Dark Souls, Steam Credit

21 January 2014 - 05:38 PM


Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack for the Xbone(Includes Washbuckler, Blast Zone, and Stealth Elf)


Extra Figures


Swap Force Series Figs


Magma Charge(Swap)


Twin Blade Chop Chop


Lava Barf Erupter


Giants Series




Spryos Adventure Series





Disney Infinity Toy Story Playset

Disney Infinity Lone Ranger Playset

Mater Infinity Fig

Francesco Infinity Fig

Dash Infinity Fig

Mrs Incredible Infinity Fig

Violet Infinity Fig

Woody Infinity Fig

Dark Souls

Steam Gift Cards