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I came across a few older guides this week

30 December 2007 - 04:18 AM

So I've come across nine older guides earlier this week, but I'm really not sure how rare any of them are, other that A link to the Past guide which I'm fairly certain is somewhat rare.
Here's what I got.
Posted Image
The legend of Zelda: A link To The Past - free from my cousin
All the rest were $3 each at a shop near my grandparents house.
Mario Party 2
Metal Gear Solid
Super Game Boy
Street Fighter II Turbo
Starfox 64
I would also appreciate if someone would tell me about what each guide is worth, not that I plan on selling them.

Nascar 2003 Season Sealed

06 November 2007 - 04:32 AM

AT ONLY $150
Don't pass this deal up.

How good of a deal is this? (xbox)

14 June 2007 - 02:27 AM

"For sale is a green special edition halo xbox. A green halo controler and a blue gamespot controler are also included. A list of games that are also for sale with or without the xbox include: Halo 2, SE Halo, DDR ultramix, DDR ultramix 2, Fable, Fable SE DVD, Crimson Skys, Morrowind GotY Edition. 3 DDR pads are also included, 2 generic gamestop pads and 1 Red Octane Pad which works for Xbox, Ps2, and PC. All individual objects are for sale seperatly. Contanct for more detailed information on quality and condition of objects. (most games and pads have normal wear and tear)"
He want $200, is that a good asking price? If not what should I offer?

Seems a bit high, but what is a Halo edition xbox worth?

Sega 32x question

01 June 2007 - 10:01 PM

So I was thinking about buying a sega 32x, but I may have a problem.
I will be using it with a Sega Genesis version one, and I know that when the 32x was first released thaty it came with little brackets to be used with the Genesis version one.
The 32x that I'm looking at comes only with the unit and cords.
So I was wondering if I need those brackets to use the 32x on my Genesis version one, or how it will work and sit on my Genesis version one without the brackets.