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Diversionary Tactics Videogame Blog > how about a little comedic randomness?

Posted 02 October 2009


Diversionary Tactics Videogame Blog > lol

Posted 25 August 2009


Diversionary Tactics Videogame Blog > JAke hoss Now with 100 percent more Twittering!!

Posted 29 January 2009


Im now twittering, so add "jakehoss" to follow my exploits. Come for the nonsense, and stay for the shenanigans.

Diversionary Tactics Videogame Blog > Its snowing.... In Las Vegas?

Posted 17 December 2008

So it snows alot, in alot of places. But in las vegas where ive lived my entire life it snows very rarely. But today, Its been really coming down. Its pretty sweet. heres some pics.

pic above from lvrj.com

Diversionary Tactics Videogame Blog > GI joe Action Figure collecting Update !

Posted 18 November 2008

My collection has been steadily growing since i first posted about this and this is how the collection stands so far. Do any other cags still go hunting for these treasures?