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In Topic: CAGcast #754: The $500 Sandwich

03 March 2023 - 03:24 AM


In Topic: CAGcast #753: Boycott This!

18 February 2023 - 01:08 PM

If you're gonna be using the terms "woke" and "sjw" as means of an insult to people whose very existence is being threatened, you should take  a look at yourself, a middle aged person who struggles to exist as an adult who only engages in childish pursuits.

In Topic: CAGcast #752: Hogwarts and All

15 February 2023 - 01:15 AM

Screw those anti-Wombat comments. He's right about how f-ked up this whole situation is, and already in the past week we know that the top Hog people are gutter trash, like that Ellis guy.


I'm doing my part with this boycott, in that I really have no interest in playing this game.

In Topic: CAGcast #747: Your Favorite Online Show in Entertainment

16 December 2022 - 12:06 PM

A topic for next week's episode. https://www.eurogame...-after-25-years


It looks like the stars of the Pokemon cartoon that's been airing weekly since 1998 are finally leaving the program. End of an era. So the CAGBag question would be something like which character leaving or reappearing a favorite tv series of yours, shocked or surprised you? JR, Cheapy?

In Topic: CAGcast #747: Your Favorite Online Show in Entertainment

11 December 2022 - 06:37 PM

I only have Hulu to watch my cartoons, and yeah it's REALLY annoying when the commercials come on and it's loud af. I don't get this on Pluto TV or Tubi, services designed to cram ads during breaks. 


CheapyD's "God forbid" story is a bit nuts, less religious fanaticism but some kind of upsell tactic I've heard about on tv. There are a lot of Asian Christians, especially among the Koreans.


I am now more interested in Midnight Suns after Wombat's impressions so far. People wanted Xcom, I wanted eyeroll. But it's closer to Metal Gear Acid and Fire Emblem and Dragon Age? I'm pretty sold when a price drops arrives.