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#14105367 Codes gone: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with 1600 CP for PC W: $20 Paypal.

Posted by s0undwav3 on 17 December 2018 - 12:08 PM

All that had interest and paid up has received codes.  Still a few left.  Get them while they are HOT off the internetz.  Or as Ralph says in the new Ralph breaks the internet "weefee internetz"

#14072071 Remove Negative Feedback

Posted by s0undwav3 on 28 October 2018 - 09:21 PM

Please remove negative feedback I provided to salemhooper because now he is holding my $paypal money ransom until it is removed.  


I still don't believe his story, if mod's want to read the back and forth about a simple FarCry 5 code, please do so.


I'm pretty upset over the entire ordeal and probably will never trade codes on CAG again, I stopped in 2016 and now I run into a complete waste of time with salemhooper pretty much coming up with some kind of story.

#13244047 H: The Division, Far Cry Primal, Star Wars Battlefront and Ashes of Singulari...

Posted by s0undwav3 on 11 March 2016 - 05:03 AM

At work we bought several video cards for a massive project.  


All the cards came with game codes that we would like to obtain for paypal payments.


UPDATE 4/15/2016


1 Nvidia Codes for The Divsion for PC - $30


1 Far Cry Primal for PC - $30


1 Star Wars Battlefront for PC - $15


1 Promo Steam Code for Ashes of Singularity for $25



PM Me if interested.  I have 100% positive feedback here.





#11872719 Upgrading graphics card on a built in GPU PC?

Posted by s0undwav3 on 26 June 2014 - 03:17 AM

You can definitely get the GTX 750ti for medium settings for gaming if that is what you want to do.  The big issue is the PSU like others have said.  If you want a better video card, you should get a 600W or better power supply with at least 40Amps on the 12v rail.  


For dedicated gaming, either look into ATI R9 280X (a rebaged 7970 GHz edition) or Nvidia 770 if you want to play high settings at full 1080p.  If you don't want that high then at least an ATI R9 280 or an Nvidia 760 Ti.


While you are at it, you should put in an SSD drive for your main OS.  Your computer will feel like it's brand new and it will operate a lot faster...no more delay opening things.

#11845866 The Ultimate 'Build-A-PC' Thread. Complete With Pricings & Recommendation...

Posted by s0undwav3 on 16 June 2014 - 03:32 AM

Dude, I know you live near a Microcenter, so you are overpaying by a lot.  First your cpu/mombo cost is way to high to begin with.  You should definitely check out Microcenter combo prices.  And their CPU prices are far better than anything online, even if you don't choose a motherboard from them, but why wouldn't you with $40 off any price.


I don't think you need a dedicated sound card, it's too much overkill unless you are going to produce music on your PC.  That sound card is not needed.  


You should not even begin with a video card less than a GTX 770 for gaming.  Just pay the little extra.  Totally worth it. And I could see that the price you list for the 760 should be really for 760 Ti.  Its too expensive.  I can hook you up with a deal on a 770 just PM me.


Omg those 2 TB hard drives way to much.  Microcenter is selling 3 TB drives for $99 WD green drives or the better ones are the Toshiba 3GB 7200 RPM drives for $99 each.  On sale this week.  I have two of the toshiba's in RAID 10 and man they fly.  6TB of storage goes fast too...i take way too many videos and pics with my phones and HDR camera.


Just PM me if you want to save a ton of $$$ man.  You should really look into Microcenter.  

#11400238 Need you advice, PS3 or PS4?

Posted by s0undwav3 on 30 December 2013 - 06:08 PM

I used to be an Xbox 360 fan until after 4 replacements from Microsoft for RROD, I decided to abandon ship.  I really liked the stability of Xbox live for multiplayer but I didn't like the fact I really didnt' get anything else - unlike on PS3 where you not only get free multiplayer but also free (rental) games when you have PS Plus.  So I ended up getting a PS3 and I've played a bunch of the exclusives...uncharted, infamous, killzone, but I really like that I have a ton of games after 2 years for free from the PS Plus network that I've enjoyed.  


Just look at the January list of games coming for PS3...Bioshock Infinity and Devil May Cry (remake) are great titles.  I played through both on PC but getting them free is just awesome.


Basically if you own a Sony console, you can actually not spend a dime on additional games if you don't want when you have PS Plus.  I mean PS4 had 2 free games at launch plus their MMO stuff...Warframe and DC Universe all for free.  Those kept me busy for a while.  


You should actually check out  your local craigslist.  I scored my PS3 that way and got pretty much everything for $150...that was 2 controllers, the charger deck, PS move, camera, 3 games, 320 GB model (slim) and a bunch of games pre-installed....so there are great deals on craigslist.  Just gotta search and make sure you test everything out if you decide to buy.  I wouldn't even bother looking at a brand new system.  Used is just fine.

#11387398 PS4 New (well already on PS3) Pinball Games on PSN

Posted by s0undwav3 on 26 December 2013 - 05:00 AM

Hi CAG's,


I like free things.  I like PS Plus.  So if you had PS Plus while Zen Pinball 2 had the Star Wars Tables for free back months ago on the PS3, you can now get them on PS4.  Zen Pinball 2 also comes with a free table.  Amazing is that these are not ports of the tables from PS3.  Looks to me that they completely redid the tables for PS4.  I really love the Clone Wars table. 


Then the other pinball arcade game - comes with Tales of the Arabian Nights and it's fantatsic, and also completely re-done for the PS4.  I never played this on PS3 but then I went to get it on PS3 to see the difference. 


I have not bought other tables so I don't know what the differences will be but I can tell you Zen Pinball did a fantatic job re-rendering and even redoing the sound for PS4.  Not so much on Pinball Arcade but I like the fact that the tutorial on how to get all the objectives on Tales table is done really well and easier to follow.


I counted these as free gifts on Xmas!

#11329368 Playstation games online servers question

Posted by s0undwav3 on 08 December 2013 - 05:31 AM

As far as I know the servers automatically find a host server that is closest to you based on your TTL or ping ratio.  I have seen that with a few games now on PS4.  But not all games are alike.  EA hosts their own servers and I can tell that in NFS Rivals, one of the consoles of the 6 person session is the server.