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Codes gone: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with 1600 CP for PC W: $20 Paypal.

13 December 2018 - 11:23 AM

Hello everyone at CAG Trading,




THANKS TO ALL WHO PURCHASED.  I still have 2 codes left but Intel's site went down (the redeem site) and they won't respond to any tickets, questions, phone calls etc about the promotion.  Wow...Intel is such a crummy company when it comes to customer support I guess.


I have CODES for PC to install Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.  This edition gives you 1600 CP right away to use in the Black Market.  How do I know, well I verified a key - and installed the game, even though I will absolutely never play this game.  I get motion sickness on FPS now that I'm older.  F m eyes.  I even had lasik surgery to fix problems....yet nothing can be fixed when you get old.


 I HAVE MULTIPLE CODES.  SO DON"T BE SHY.  PM Away.  I think at least more than a handful.


WANT:  $20 PAYPAL CASH.  Will PM my email when you are interested.  Please read below on requirements to redeem the codes.


You MUST have a USA account on Battle.net.  I do not believe these codes work outside the USA.

If you do not have a battle.net account, you must create one to fully redeem the code


You must be able to visit this site to redeem.  If you cannot, don't even bother PM'ing.




The main code area to redeem is:



If you cannot get the captula to work - then don't even try and ask for a code.  Disable all pop up and ad blockers when going to this site.  Add a whitelist entry on the site if you are using Pi Hole.


Then, you must also create an account here:



If you do not have an account here, then create one.  This game is 100% required to be online.  If you install it on a PC without internet access, the game will not startup as it does KEY verification when you are ONLINE.  Trust me, when Comcast was down, I tried playing single player and it won't log you in.


This site also requires you to have a cell phone to complete the registration, as it sends out a verification code.  If you don't have a cell phone, borrow someone's number to complete the registration.



If you can get by all these steps, then proceed in sending me a PM.  If not, then good luck and happy CAGing.

Remove Negative Feedback

28 October 2018 - 09:21 PM

Please remove negative feedback I provided to salemhooper because now he is holding my $paypal money ransom until it is removed.  


I still don't believe his story, if mod's want to read the back and forth about a simple FarCry 5 code, please do so.


I'm pretty upset over the entire ordeal and probably will never trade codes on CAG again, I stopped in 2016 and now I run into a complete waste of time with salemhooper pretty much coming up with some kind of story.

H: FarCry 5 Game Code for PC. W: $20 Paypal

28 October 2018 - 10:47 AM

I have a FarCry 5 Game code available. 


I would like $20 Paypal.  Once you paypal, I will send you the registration site.


You must register the code before it expires on October 31st, 2018!


This is where you need to register:


How to Redeem Offer * Step 1: For qualifying purchases, a free digital game code will be sent via email within 15 days from your order ship date. Note: for PC only. Do not share your activation code or you may not be able to play. Far Cry 5 PC game release March 27, 2018. * Step 2: Visit https://farcry5-rede...com/en-US/login and follow the instructions to redeem the game. The game will be available on the day Ubisoft launches it (Far Cry 5 is available on PC starting March 27th 2018). The launch date is subject to change at Ubisoft’s sole discretion. Promotional code will expire on October 31, 2018.