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Blog JohnnyFoxDarko > Dang.

Posted 02 April 2009

Sometimes I hear people talk about 'dancing' and immediately think it's a savage form of relieving yourself from stress and just habitual sweeps that make you feel 'good' while on recreational drugs.

Little did I know that now a days, it's one of the most adept forms of performance art.

Here's my favorite:

Blog JohnnyFoxDarko > Kinda

Posted 21 March 2009

upset again.

I was wondering; what is 'proper lead singer etiquette'?
Kinda want to know in the event one day I get asked to lead a Queen cover band.

Nowadays, I suppose you'd mostly see a lead singer who incorporates hair swagger more to his performance than proper vowel pronunciation.

Blog JohnnyFoxDarko > There's no K.

Posted 21 March 2009

This morning I was doing my bi-hourly log onto My Space when I saw a segment on the front page entitled 'Zac Efron gets down and dirty [y'all]'.

I'm not a big fan of High School Musical, but I am a fan of the network of people Zac surrounds himself with (namely Vanessa Hudgens) and I'm not much of a fan of dancing videos, either. Still, I clicked on it....

Blog JohnnyFoxDarko > -----------

Posted 02 July 2008

deleted, y'all.