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In Topic: Gamestop Pre-Black Friday Sale (11/22 - 11/23) | 50% TIB & FREE Destiny C...

22 November 2016 - 06:07 PM

I was able to get $225 for my PS4 by showing my manager the saved trade value from last night at $150 and the one from this morning at $125.

I pointed out that they were both identical, except for the value, and both stated they are valid until the end of 11/22/3016. The point was that the $125 estimate didn't mention the 50% bump, so if it was valid, the $150 should be too.

In Topic: Nintendo NES Classic: will be online 2pm PST, DAILY, from the 14th-18th at Wa...

18 November 2016 - 11:15 PM

I just find it funny why people try so hard to make ~$170 profit margins.


I mean, maybe if you sold like 20 of them I could see it. But 4 or 5? I make that much in a day, not worth my time.


If you estimate your time at $1-2 a minute, I doubt CAG is worth your time in general since your savings are probably not offsetting the time spent here =)


Personally, the thrill of a good deal is more like a hobby and worth more to me than the actual money I'm saving.  In fact it probably wasn't worth my time to write this.