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Enter Weapon X!!! > Things that like kinda Piss me off- Music Edition

Posted 18 March 2013

There will be 3 topics, all music based.

1) Daft Punk, where do I start? http://i3.kym-cdn.co...264/241/9e9.gif

Give me a date, and you'll have my cash. Just get it over with!! Yeah and I would like a tour too. Thanks.

The Avalanches too.

2) When did it become normal to re-release CD's for an anniversary. Who makes the de...

Enter Weapon X!!! > Bacon and Other stuff

Posted 06 July 2012

There will be 3 topics in this blog: Beer, Bacon and Music

1) Last Week, I tried Burger King's Bacon Sundae. http://www.fmnewsnew.../JUNE/omnom.jpg

Now I love bacon, but in Ice cream? It doesn't sound good at all, but it was. It honestly surprised me. Chocolate and bacon isn't bad, syrup and bacon...

Enter Weapon X!!! > Budweiser BBQ and the euro pop R&B crap of the radio.

Posted 27 January 2011

This blog will be about two completely different things. One is music, the other is BBQ sauce. But i need to rant a little.

First, I love Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. I've been buying it for over a year now. It is one of my favorite BBQ sauces around. It is as good as Sweet Baby Ray's. It's 10x better than Open Pit could ever be. Look at it: http://www.jdcol...

Enter Weapon X!!! > Things that Piss Me Off- Special Favre Edition

Posted 04 August 2010

Brett Motherfucking Favre. Every damn year with same old bullshit. Are you going cry again too? Do I like Favre as a player, sure. He is one on the best QB ever. But can I watch a ESPN show without his fucking name. NO! I'm a Bears fan, so this bullshit effects them. They can be 2nd in the division with no Favre or possibly 3rd if he goes back to the Viki...

Enter Weapon X!!! > Things that piss me off- One

Posted 13 July 2010

See this: 16537

In my area (chicagoland and Northern Indiana, especially on the Border on IL and IN ) you cant really tell the difference between that and this: 16538

I hate driving up to a gas station with a "low" price, and see in small fucking letters with car wash. No. Make the print large. Sheeeit.