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Blog gaypunk > Kevin (gaypunk) & Friends Suck At Poker

Posted 29 May 2013


Blog gaypunk > I think I am starting to do "lets plays" Starting with Double Dragon

Posted 19 October 2012

I was looking for a vehicle to do a little "comedy" and I think I am going to do lets plays for a while. I have about 400 gb of video recorded on a HD from my avermedia capture box.

Here is the first attempt. I hope you enjoy.

Blog gaypunk > ME3 Made Me Evol

Posted 14 March 2012


Ah, Milestones

Blog gaypunk > Faliure to Lunch -or- Why Am I In a line at Midnight? -or- The Reapers are Coming

Posted 06 March 2012


I worked through Lunch again
Skyrim arrived from Gamefly Today
It's on my desk, the desk with all the daunting work
For weeks, every time I tried to pre-order Mass Effect
I would get side tracked.

Surely, I can wait. There is plenty to play.
I work till ten. I take...

Blog gaypunk > Clicking Update : A Poem

Posted 06 June 2011

Why Do I care?
Is it to find value in my 300$ paperweight?
I am excited by Bikes, but never this bike in question
I have monsters in my pocket, but rarely do research
EVs I never quite understood.
You tease me with a date
I sit at work
Staring at you
all day
wondering why you reject me
I will fiddle with you for approximatively 20 minutes
pay for a blac...