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In Topic: CAGcast #717: A True Online Adventure

04 March 2022 - 04:11 AM

Bandcamp's streaming product and tech is a little better than y'all gave them credit for. They offer a streaming app that let's you stream from your purchased library, which works well.


It will never happen, but I can dream about what integration could be like. I would love to be able to have my purchases inform say, a car radio in Fortnite. This was my favorite Forza feature back when it worked with whatver the hell Microsoft's Music Streaming product was. 


After the Amazon \ Comixology debacle last month, little to no hope for intergrations going well. 

In Topic: CAGcast #710: Rise of the Macrotransactions

06 January 2022 - 08:44 PM

Only 2 years of the clone saga? Ben Reilly is the current Spider-Man right now! Don't worry Ship, Peter Parker is no longer head of Parker Industries, he's been broke again for a few years. I know you didn't love the start of this new spider-era. It's not terrible though. 

In Topic: CAGcast #702: Perfectly Paired

01 November 2021 - 09:05 PM

I don't want to  "silence people" I have explicitly said I take free speech seriously and do not advocate for de-platforming. It sounds like you disagree with the basic sociological premise that rhetoric can have direct impact on behavior. Thinking someone's rhetoric is ill advised and may have consequences is not the same thing as removing their ability to speak. The free market is dictating who has a platform here, and Netflix backed up the talent. So, is it not you arguing to silence people who are using their constitutional rights of free speech in a peaceful manor? 


 What I have gathered from what you have said is that I should I have a thicker skin because peoples feelings can't hurt me,  but if I do feel bad, I deserve it a little because some trans people want to play sports and use the restroom that aligns with their gender, so perhaps I should use the restroom of the gender that I was assigned at birth, which puts me at direct risk of a violent confrontation, but in the off chance such violence occurs, it would of occurred anyway and is no way Dave Chapelle's fault.  Ok? Yeah, I guess I don't completely disagree? I shared my hesitancy to place myself in woman's only spaces, and if no gender neutral restroom is available, I wait until I have hopes of having no encounters with men in a restroom. It's scary, confrontations happen, I assure you it's not safe. If I was not a large bodied person, I would not do it. I have the benefit of being old (40+) and a little intimidating, and it is still a bit frightening. I can not recommend it.  0 Stars. 


My basic premise was anti-trans rhetoric does lead to more anti-trans behavior. You can disagree with that premise, and I suppose disagree that political rhetoric can lead to violence as well. Except, you hint that you do agree with that, because you bring BLM (who largely led non-violent protests yet you blame for arson and vandalism that occurred in tandem) into it, but again, this is all a multi-way street is it not? I am not wading into that right now, I support non violent protest across the political spectrum, I don't love property damage, BLM has accounted for their finances. Why are we talking about BLM? Is it because certain corners of the political spectrum lumps these things together as some sort assault on their idea of the American Ideal?  


I assume, perhaps unfairly, that you think systemic racism is a big lie. That's fine. I don't need the media to tell me anything about it. I grew up in the 80's in East L.A., I am Mexican American. The media wasn't exactly nice to my community. Growing up I saw my father, who had no chance passing for White, suffer from police brutality on two occasions, and treated like shit countless times. I would say that got a little better as he got older, sure, L.A. had a bit of reckoning with such things, but I am going to go ahead and trust my eyes and heart on that one. 


To be clear, when I said the court, on trans issues, I am referring to things like equal protection, protection from discrimination, unfair firing, Id laws, bathroom laws. Etc. I think that was fair in the context of what we were actually talking about. But to think politics and the judicial system are divorced from each other is silly. The entire ground game of American politics is packing the courts with ideologs, and that leans conservative.  


Finally, you seem to also take issue with the basic premise that Trans people encounter more violence. I have never seen a study that says otherwise. But you have, perhaps, because you say it's rare.  Again, I have to trust my lived experience. Again, I am lucky, I'm a big person, and I still have to be on guard. 


Finally, I am indeed a Westerner. I'm an American. I am ever so amused when people take a shot at Americans doing what makes America a great country, fighting for their increased safety and comfort, excessing their rights, making their voices count in the public space and the ballot box. Americans have a right to do advocate for their communities. It's a bad faith argument to say, hey, you have it better than they do in X country, be happy with what you got. Hey, I'm American, it's in my DNA to want MORE. 


If I have to be happy that I don't automatically get killed for being queer can I be sad I don't have socialized medicine? 


Best to you and yours. 














Anyone who would physically attack someone because of who they are is a bad person and bad people don’t need permission to do bad things. Bad people do bad things all the time because they are bad people. This is just another example of trying to justify being able to silence people who say things you don’t agree with.


The reason there is less compassion is because some of these groups are negatively impacting the lives of others. High school girls have lost athletic scholarships because they can’t compete against trans women in sports. Some girls don’t feel comfortable with trans women(biology men) in women bathrooms and showers yet schools will allow this. This bothers some women because it’s the school literally telling them that they value the feelings of trans women over their own. Many people’s lives were impacted due to the nearly a billion dollars of property damage during all the BLM protest/riots. People aren’t going to be compassionate towards people who are negatively impacting their life.


Daily life has its challenges for everyone, but I think it’s important to remember how great your life is compared to others. I feel like people forget that and think that things like there not being a lot of gay actors in lead roles in Hollywood is the worst thing ever meanwhile in some middle eastern countries being gay will get you thrown in jail and in some cases killed. Things aren’t perfect but it always amuses me when hear westerns complain about how hard their life is when there are so many people in the world who are truly suffering.


The media wants you to believe that, but no judge will throw you in jail just because of your skin color or sexual orientation. Physical violence hate crimes are rare and while “hate speech” is more common you get to decide if words bother you. If you don’t care about how people especially strangers think about you than someone online or on the street calling you a bad word shouldn’t bother you.

In Topic: CAGcast #702: Perfectly Paired

31 October 2021 - 09:49 PM

Yeah, you are entitled to your opinion. When the temperature rises on these issues there are day to day real life consequences. People behave differently if they feel they have permission to do so, and that means less day to day compassion. If you don’t completely pass, daily life has its challenges. I appreciate the reassurances that other people’s opinions don’t matter. In the courts and the streets though, they kinda do. I’ll leave it there, good chatting with you.

In Topic: CAGcast #702: Perfectly Paired

30 October 2021 - 07:46 PM

You can seperate Trans Activists and Trans people all you want, but the people who suffer are Trans people. I used their preferred term, Gender Critical Feminists vs. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, as is the polite thing to do, but we both know that the only difference there is one has become an acronym. And if the folks who feel that way feeI it's a slur, I'm happy to respect that. I would prefer activists to be having a more productive dialogue, but you are saying they don't have an argument. My existence is the argument, and I would simply like to exist. Yes, a part of me is upset at everyone involved because this type of dialogue just makes people who have a mostly unfounded fear of trans people Digg in and  feel empowered. I'm terrified of anyone, gender critical feminist or not, accusing me of invading a woman's only space and I avoid any situation that could be represented that way at all costs. I do find most of Rowling's opinions on this subject, with the exception of perhaps an argument for Academic Freedom, which again, I am a classic free speech liberal, to be driven by fear and unfounded. Chapelle is absolutely presenting the core argument that there are only two genders (never mind intersex people I guess), and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. That's fine, and it's real fun to hear, but that wouldn't be my issue here.  

I won't argue that some activists are being intolerant in their approach to a dialogue, but you seem to think Chapelle is not. He presents the "Alphabet People" as an arm of white privilege. I would take a reasoned argument on that, but he  ignores completely that the community is not exclusively white, and that activists core contention is it's dangerous to be trans and not white. What's unfolding here, this digging in, is dangerous to parts of his community, and he seems unconcerned.

I also take issue with people's misunderstanding of "Freedom". and Capitalism. Anyone has a right to talk all the crap they want. The religious right was able to remove content from the airwaves for years by being loud and annoying, but because activists are making their cases in the public space they are radical marxists? At least Chapelle does sort of acknowledge this, putting the blame on corporations. Corporations are going to do what is most profitable. This is the system, it is how it has always worked. Ship talks about this often, companies tend to go with the social stance of least resistance and most profit. Netflix is walking a line because they want to be competitive for talent across an ideological spectrum. This is how this plays out, everyone is playing their position. Things go in waves, but by criticizing the platform for platforming something\someone they think is harmful, they are doing nothing different than what has been the accepted practice for years. 


This crap is exhausting and pretty much makes you hate yourself more than one already does.