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In Topic: CAGcast #632: TestStop

28 April 2020 - 06:16 AM

I saw the movie, it was simple and well done. I am looking forward to them completely ruining that in the sequel with a bunch of uninteresting characters no one cares about. 

In Topic: CAGcast #628: School Shit

02 April 2020 - 03:52 PM



Don't give Wombat crap about wearing a mask. Yes, masks are in high demand and no one should be hoarding them, but the recommendation that only sick people should wear masks will likely be updated. Because so many people don't display symptoms, you want to encourage use of mask, or bandana, or whatever cover you have. Also, recent reports are not ruling out that the droplets can spread with normal talking, or that they hang in the air for extended periods of time. Err on the side of caution here. 


I've also been listening forever, thank you for still doing the show. 

In Topic: CAGcast #621: Wombat Will Be on the Blank Check Podcast

04 February 2020 - 04:45 PM

Eh. Polite counterpoint. 


If Wombat ever takes any sort of moral high ground it's clearly in jest and acts as a counter to when Cheapy has either accidentally said something on the border of good taste, or is about to. It's half-serious at best but necessary for balance.  It's a part of the dynamic that makes the show work, for both the types of folks that use a term like "virtue-signaling" as a pejorative, and people like me. Also a long-time show dynamic, both of them playfully poking each-other about the digital vs. Real life nature of their friendship. What one could call victim hood, some of us see someone being  honest, vulnerable, and authentic. I relate to depressed Wombat  just as much as I relate to Ship's Excel files and target runs. I don't relate to Cheapy, but I appreciate Cheapy. 

#teamwombat #prettymuchunasked 


PS. This is not show feedback, my run-on sentences allways suck on-air. 

In Topic: YMMV My Best Buy Mystery Rewards Certificate

28 October 2019 - 04:09 PM

5$ again, I'll take it. But my BB purchases are anemic now that my GCU expired. Digital pre-order 10$ credit has given me something to buy, but besides my  Borderlands purchase, there's nothing for me. I was hoping to get Shadowkeep digital through a retailer, but they don't have it? 

In Topic: CAGcast #599: It’s a Frosty, Not a Turd

14 August 2019 - 09:19 PM

Non civil discourse and threats are wrong and this happens across the spectrum. It's not like outraged liberal twitter invented bad behavior, if anything, they are late to the party on that front. 

It makes sense why the games industry gets nervous in the shadow of GG, and the desire for the industry to reflect the makeup of  it's constituency and to be welcoming to them, which is literally everybody at this point. 


As far as the PAX thing, it's less than ideal. They should of did their research ahead of time. But, why are we talking exclusively about Colin Moriarty? He's an intellectual libertarianesque Republican who is capable of saying thoughtful things.  I'm far less sympathetic to Maldonado, and hey, if you are a fan of people using comedy as a vehicle to make light of people's realities, cool, do you. 


DePlatforming is unsavory, but there is no free speech issue with it. Folks who champion Private Industry acting with limited regulation get super upset when that concept turns on them.  


The doxxing is wrong when done to anyone, mob mentality sucks across the board. 




Colin just announced today that he's ending his podcast because of the threat of violence.  His staff was doxxed, his friend was doxxed, and now it's too dangerous to continue to do the show.


Think about that... threats of violence led to the end of a popular podcast, all because the host holds conservative political views.  Lame.