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#11480147 Best Buy sending out coupon for Gamers Club Unlocked for $60 for 2 years

Posted by Geekquisitions on 28 January 2014 - 05:18 PM

I will make this call today. I haven't received any emails about the $30 and $60 coupons. 


Edit: I made the call. In less than 5 minutes, a rep sent the $30 coupon. It's good until 2/10/14. I would have gone today but it's -20 degrees so I'll try sometime next week. 

I also had success with this!  Thanks!

#11426888 PS2 games are 75% off at Gamestop

Posted by Geekquisitions on 08 January 2014 - 06:38 AM

Popped into a couple other stores today and was pleasantly surprised.


One store just had all the good things:

Untitled by geekquisitions, on Flickr
One store had just a ton of stuff:

Untitled by geekquisitions, on Flickr
And a few each had a couple nice things left:

Untitled by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Untitled by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Untitled by geekquisitions, on Flickr

I missed the thrill of the hunt, but I'm starting to suspect that I may have a problem.


I also miss when these clearances were 75% off + 10% off for an 85% discount, as opposed to the current 75% off followed by 10% off, for a 77.5% discount.  It really adds up.

#11423933 PS2 games are 75% off at Gamestop

Posted by Geekquisitions on 07 January 2014 - 09:52 AM

If anyone manages to find Rule of Rose and would be willing to sell it for a reasonable price, I'd really appreciate it. I want the game so much, but I can't spend what people are wanting for it nowadays. :/

Good luck...no stores within 100 miles for me.

#11423914 PS2 games are 75% off at Gamestop

Posted by Geekquisitions on 07 January 2014 - 09:11 AM

Since I live in a reseller-heavy area with a lot of competition, I went to every GameStop I could manage today.  Although a lot had been picked over, I did find some treasures -- this is basically the last hurrah for the PS2, and I wanted to make sure I rounded out my collection as much as possible before the prices start going nuts for the popular, hard to find stuff.


However, I probably did go a little overboard.



Closeup of the boxed games:

#11040595 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Geekquisitions on 06 September 2013 - 06:22 PM

I just got around to typing up my finds from last week, because it's been pretty hectic:
I'm out of bed and on the road early.  The season's almost over, and I gotta sate that primal hunter part of my brain that gets triggered when I start yard saling.  It's addictive, man.
I start the day off by accidentally showing up for a sale that starts at 10 about two hours early.  Nothing was set up, car was in the driveway, I check the ad.  Oops.  They had advertised a DS, so I figure I'll just swing back later.  
I strike out everywhere, no one has any Nintendo stuff, then I pull up to a sale that was advertising games expecting the place to be completely packed full of game collectors or already cleared out.  I actually see a table marked "VIDEO GAMES $1" and, amid sports games and common PS2 titles, pick up a few gems, along with an empty Metal Gear Solid GBC box that was thrown in for good measure.
I head back up to the first sale, about fifteen minutes before they start now, and find that someone had shown up an hour ago and bought their NDS as they were setting up.  Ah, well.  I'm happy with my $4 haul.  I head to rehearsal for the day.
After a triumphant rehearsal with my theatre troupe where I landed the part I wanted for our October show, I text the guy from last week who had the phantom yard sale that advertised games.  He had called me while I was out with my friends on Tuesday, mentioning having some NES games, including a bible game -- I couldn't really hear because it was pretty noisy.  I make arrangements to come by his place at 3, and in the mean time I drive around that area dropping by some yard sales on my way home.
Bupkiss, nada, nothing.  Everything in the area is dry, nobody had any, and no mentions of other people asking for games or clearing them out.
I show up at 3 promptly, passing a few signs for yard sales on the way and making mental notes for the return trip.  I'm greeted with two Priority Mail boxes with consoles and games haphazardly tossed in, and am invited to go through it.  I remove a clearly broken PS1, a GameBoy with a broken bezel, and some random DVDs and unrelated cables.  I'm happy to find a few decent NES gamessome N64 and Playstation games, and a couple of PS3 games.  We go back and forth on the price a bit, its all kind of dirty and most things are missing cables and I'm concerned about things being in working condition, I put back a few sub-$5 PS3 games, he hands me the boxes and I hand him a crisp portrait of Ulysseus Grant and I'm out of there with a moderately decent score, provided it cleans up nicely.
geekquisitions, on Flickr
It was not this nicely organized when I found it.
geekquisitions, on Flickr
I think there's a good chunk of those NES games that I don't have.  I enjoy the juxtaposition of 
the King of Kings and the Monster of Monsters.
geekquisitions, on Flickr
NES looks kind of sad.  I hope I can get this stuff working.
geekquisitions, on Flickr
I need to get my N64 controllers out of storage and figure out if I have one in that color.  The 
box would have been worth it just for the Wavebirds if they had their receivers and battery 
covers (which they don't).  And the PS3 controller was an unexpected bonus!
Being a chill guy, he also tossed in TMNT for the Gameboy, and told me he'd call me if he found 
something else.
$50 for this.  Math tells me this breaks down to $1.43/item.
Today's running total:  $54
I swing by another yard sale, and notice right away that everything is expensive -- the beer glasses I ask about have an asking price of $5 apiece.  I figure what the hell, expensive games would be better than no games, and ask if they have any older gaming stuff.  They reply that they might have some in the attic.  I chuckle and joke, "I can wait!" At which the father bolts into the house, and, a few minutes later, returns with a big black tote.  We open it, I see a couple nice stacks of games with Mega Man 2 right on top, and I ask how much they want.  Apparently, they want everything gone, so we agree at $60 for a fair price for the box of games and a big set of bar glasses.
Also, manuals!
geekquisitions, on Flickr
geekquisitions, on Flickr
geekquisitions, on Flickr
Again, I know there are a handful of games here I don't have, but a few of the duplicates are better, more uncommong games.  Two NES systems, I'll probably try making 72-Pin soup with these once I find the time.
I spent $60, and with math and the glasses it breaks down to around a buck an item.  Again, not bad.
That's $114 for the day.  Pretty decent bang for the buck, I think.I'm out of bed and on the road early.  The season's almost over, and I gotta sate that primal hunter part of my brain that gets triggered when I start yard saling.  It's addictive, man.

#11009972 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Geekquisitions on 24 August 2013 - 10:12 PM

Well, I'm back!


After going out to a yard sale yesterday and having some other lunatic run out of his car to grab a box out of my hands, yelling about how he had been sitting there for hour waiting for the sale to start, and proceed to offer double every price the sale runners quoted to me when I asked about things, I made it a point to get an early start today, especially since there were a bunch of local sales offering games.

I was up at 6:30 and out the door by 7:30.  Nothing like competition for a little incentive.

The first sale I stopped at was nearby.  I saw a PS2 and a stack of games in a box.  The guy says $20 for the PS2 and $1 each for the games, I offered $20 for the unit and 4 games which he gladly accepted.


I asked if he had any other games, older stuff, and he pulls a garbage bag out of his garage.  $10 for the lot, $30 in total at this sale.  And Lost Vikings 2!  That's one I don't have.   The SNES and controllers are a little rough, but for that price along with Starcraft and Ocarina of Time, I'm good.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Off to the next sale -- way out west, advertised a GameCube.  I arrive as they are starting, timing it perfectly to not be an early bird as they had said none.  Apparently, someone had e-mailed them with a $20 offer on their controller-less GameCube with Smash Bros (MINT!) and one other game (nothing noteworthy).  I offered $25, but they didn't want to break their promise.  They never changed their ad after promising it to the emailer (there's a lot of this going around, apparently)...however, the sale wasn't a waste of time for several reasons.

Firstly, there were a bunch of other sales in the area.  Most unadvertised, signs only.  I played a game of follow the arrows, and had more hits than duds!

I ask about games at another sale, and someone goes into the garage and comes out with a Sega Game Gear case!  There aren't many games and Sega stuff is secondary.  He offers it for $15, I offer $5, we meet halfway at $7.

So far, I've spent $37, and I make my way to another sale, when someone stops me and asks if I was the one asking about a GameCube at the earlier sale.  Apparently, they had overheard me, and had just seen someone with a GameCube and a ton of games at another yard sale!  They give me the address and I'm off like a shot.

They did have a NGC with a bunch of games in very nice shape, as well as a PSX and a stack of games (but nothing too noteworthy).  They're asking $125 for the lot.  I ask how much it would be without the PlayStation stuff, and they tell me $75.  I lobbed out a lower offer, and again we meet at $60.  I had seen a copy of Smash Bros. and Mario Kart at the top of the stack, and was pleasantly surprised when I realized that out of the 19 games, those weren't the only gems.  Also, hey, Wavebird!  And that carrying case is pretty sweet!



Total spent $97.  At this point, I'm glad I stopped at the ATM and took out $200 last night.


While heading to the first sale that mentioned Playstation and Nintendo games for 9:00, I kept passing other sales.  I passed on a giant bin of (mostly worthless despite being a really nice selection) PS2 games for $1 apiece -- Normally I go for anything I don't have, but I really need to pare down my collection a bit.  I pull over to a tent sale, and ask the little old lady if she happens to have any video games.  She moves a few things and reveals a big basket of Sega Master System, Genesis, and Saturn games!  She tells me it's $50 for it along with the two systems she has inside.  However, she can only find one system, and takes $20 off.  Skylanders was in the bag with the Saturn and accessories, so, bonus.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

I've never seen third party Saturn controllers before, nor controller extension cables.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

HELL YEAH COOL SPOT!  Barring any decent offers, I'm fairly certain that and Indy are going into my collection.  And I don't believe I own a copy of Battle Monsters, either.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Again, a lot of these are ones I haven't seen before.  Despite primarily wanting to resell, due to financial and space constraints, I just might end up saving a bunch of these.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Master System games!  At $127 now.

Passed by another sale and found this little doll.  This is a fun little display piece for a buck.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

$128 in the hole.

Turns out the sale that advertised PSX and Nintendo games just...wasn't there.  I knocked on the door, and the guy tells me that the games are his son's and he was called into work.  I mention I drove a bit to get there just for them and leave my number, asking that he give me a buzz and I'll come by later or tomorrow to see what he has if he's interested in selling them.

I then drive like mad for 40 minutes to get to the other sale that advertised a massive collection for sale.  And my God, what a collection.

True to form, someone had e-mailed the guy in advance and arranged to come early for all of the high-end stuff.  However, there were still milk crates, totes, and boxes all FULL of games for every system.  I kept myself in check, and picked up a few interesting looking things and NES games I wanted to add to my collection, plus a bunch of spare cables, cases, manuals, and an interesting little Nintendo 64 Camera.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

$10 for the lot, his wife seemed to really want him to get rid of everything.  At $138 now.

I have a bunch of sales left on my list, but I keep seeing signs for sales that I didn't see advertised online.  Having had great luck with them before, I continue to follow them, and it pays off.  I see a Star Fox 64 box -- it's empty.  But there is some other gaming stuff in the cardboard box next to it, and a few more empty N64 boxes nearby.  Its clearly been picked over.

I ask how much and she leaves no room to haggle.  My wallet a scant $6 lighter, I'm heading back to my car.


Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Two systems!  Again, nothing for the SNES and it looks a little rough, but hey, they were less than $3 each, and came with...

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Complete Genny games!  Nothing to write home about...

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

A couple spare Sega manuals...this is a very Game Gear day.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

Some N64 manuals and inserts!  Not bad...

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

If only I had been there when they had these SNES games...

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

But an Adventure Island 2 and SMB/DH manual, among the others?  That's nice.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

And I can probably box that copy of Ocarina I found earlier!

Having spent $144 and it getting late, I hit a multi-family sale that turns out to be half a dozen houses along a stretch of road.  Miss, miss, I park between two and head up one driveway to see just Skylanders everywhere.  They want $60, I really didn't want to spend more than $40 on them since all I know about them is that their prices fluctuate quite a bit.  They're insisting they are valuable, and tell me that I can have them for $50.  I tell them I'll think about it and check their claims on my phone while I meander to the other sale.

I arrive just as someone is paying for a GameCube and a huge stack of games.  There are still a couple left, nothing noteworthy though.  The sale runner asks if there's anything special I want and I tell him I'm looking mainly for Nintendo games, any systems.  He tells me he'll check, and I go back across the street.

Some negotiating later that involved a bit of backpedaling and reluctance to sel at all, I spend $55 on the Skylanders lot.

Yard Sale Finds 8/24/2013 by geekquisitions, on Flickr

I don't know the names of any of these except for Ghost Roaster and I think I managed to segregate the pirate ship and skeleton castle correctly -- any help on these would be appreciated.  I think on is a Dark Spyro?

While I'm sure I got a good deal, I'm up to $199 spent for the day and my wad feels pretty light.

I go back to the other house where the seller has found me a Double Dash, Smash Bros Melee, and Link's Awakening, offering them to me for $5.   I pick up Sonic Unleashed and Star Wars Lightsaber Battles (that other guy had grabbed the copy of The Force Unleashed I had been eyeing before he split, apparently) and the total damage is $7.

I spent $206 and it's about noon, noonthirty.  I try a couple more sales, no luck, pass on some PS2 games and a $50 boxed Magnavox Odyssey 2, and head home.

This is my first post here guys, although I used to be a regular in the yard sale thread on CAG (so I hope I don't get blowback for haggling with people -- I've seen a few threads on here where people offered others more than they were asking, which is really cool, but part of the fun for me, and a time-honored tradition there, is sharpening my negotiation skills and finding awesome things as cheaply as possible).  I hope you enjoyed it, and if you're interested in anything I picked up, please don't be shy.  While some of it may be going into my collection, I'm going to get murdered if too much of it stays in the house for too long.  Thanks for reading!