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GoHastings - 25/30/40% off on Used Games

25 December 2015 - 11:32 PM

Use Coupon Code THANKYOU. Just picked up a bunch of Wii U titles for $5-30 apiece! Unfortunately they do charge shipping. $55 big N or new release titles drop to $33, snagged Hyrule Warriors for $28 + shipping.


Amiibo [H] Pit, Falcon, Ike, Lucario, Rosalina, WFT, Meta Knight [W] Little Mac, Marth

10 February 2015 - 05:00 AM

Currently I have the following, all NIB:


Pit (US)

Ike (EU)

Falcon (US)

Lucario (EU) (JP)

Rosalina (US)

Wii Fit Trainer (EU)

Meta Knight (JP)

Fox (EU)

Sheik (EU)

Mario (US)

Luigi (US)


Currently, I am interested in trading for:

Little Mac (Any region, new or opened but with packaging)

Shulk (US)

Marth (US)


Will also take offers for other figures if they're decent; please post them to the thread.  Thanks!


() is the region, they are all region free and will work with any Wii U or New 3DS, but the packaging is only slightly different.