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Blog ohboy10451 > Leaving this site!

Posted 11 July 2017

After being a user for many years, I am going to have to retire from this site. It has saved me a lot of $ but also helped put me into debt. I think it is best to just leave just so I wont feel the temptation to add more games to my backlog. I have a young daughter & mounting credit card debt so I need to finally cut the bleeding. Thank you for everyt...

Need your opinions > Need your opinions

Posted 19 October 2014

So my daughter removed the disc drive from my slim xbox 360. I am contemplating getting it fixed or buying a cheap replacement. There is also the option to buy an xb1 or ps4 which I will eventually get but I have many unfinished 360 games. Should I save to purchase a new gen system or buy a replacement 360 console? I have a ps vita & 3ds as well which...

Blog ohboy10451 > iPhone 3G on T-Mobile experience

Posted 18 June 2010

A little backgroung first. I work for T-Mobile and I am currently using the Google Nexus One. After jailbreaking my iPod Touch recently, I am considering an iPhone 3G.

So just curious of you guys experience with an iPhone 3G on T-Mobile? And yes, I know that 3G does not work.

Blog ohboy10451 > Opened a Roth IRA!!!!

Posted 06 April 2010

I'm a 21 year old college student who makes $2k-3k a month. I decided that this is the perfect time to begin a retirement fund considering I have such low expenses, since I still live with mommy & daddy lol. I took my older bro's advice and opened a Vanguard STAR Fund with a $1000 opening investment. Hopefully my money can grow at least 5% a month with ve...

Blog ohboy10451 > Blog about the Five Families of NY City

Posted 04 July 2009

My bro loves the mob so he has decided to start a blog. Please support and leave a comment. Tell him your from CAG.