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Blog The Chop Suey > SFIV...PS3 or xbox 360?

Posted 24 February 2009

So I didnt know a better way to ask lol but yea i wanna pick up this game eventually just wondering whats the input on cag? i've played a little on the 360 and thats my more favorable console... with live plus i like achievements lol so yea what are y'alls preference and why? I'm wondering which controls you like better etc...

let me know

Blog The Chop Suey > Fuck Sony and their support system

Posted 14 December 2008

So I purchase a PS3 80GB with the Dual shock 3 in October. The official release date of it is 8/20/08. Make a note of that. When I got home to try the system out it had an error message saying "cannot start. correct hard drive not found" and I rebooted, same thing. After several tries it finally started, I was like "ok whew." But then later the proble...