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15 January 2020 - 04:08 PM

I think it's just a better overall product, Mass Effect is rough and man that inventory UI.... shudder

I just replayed Mass Effect because I’m doing yet another play through of the series instead of playing new games. This is my biggest issue in a nutshell. If you are like me and hack every crate you find then you wind up with a lot of weapon mods that you will NEVER use and it is super cumbersome to even sell them to vendors let alone if you go the route of reducing them to omnigel.

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29 July 2019 - 03:29 PM

I shouldn't feed the guy trolling this thread but it's a nice gesture to buy a homeless person shoes. However the fact that you have to bring it up publicly in a look at me type manner means that you didn't do it for the right reasons.

Did you also have someone film it for your YouTube or Facebook so people could praise you for what a good person you are

I'm glad someone said this so I didn't have to. I feel anytime you have to bring up your "good works" to get a pat on the back that you have undermined the act in the first place. Just do good things and move on. It's fine to feel good for doing them; just don't make everyone give you a standing ovation for doing it.

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15 July 2019 - 10:08 PM

For those that have talked or asked about Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered recently, I would say $15 is completely worth it even if you have the original as GWG. That is the perfect price point IMO

In Topic: XBL Deals - 2019

07 July 2019 - 12:38 PM

Skip The Godfather part 3; 1 & 2 are complementary and a perfectly contained arc-- 3 is trash. Also, spread your viewing of the Rocky movies out a bit; watching them all together was a little boring as there is a lot of similar story beats. Might as well add Creed and Creed 2, too.

Trying to decide which game I should start next after I finish Metro Exodus (which is great, but I like the Metro Redux duo better): Wolfenstein 2 on GP, AC Origins, Mafia 3, Ori, Watch Dogs 2, small GP indies, or small backlog indies. I try to complete what I start and sometimes face decision paralysis when starting a new big game.

I second the Creed movies. I absolutely love them and honestly like them better than the Rocky movies and I grew up on Rocky.

Also, give Watch Dogs 2 a try. The story is pretty light (think hacker power fantasy Summer popcorn movie type stuff) but the gameplay is so good. And the way Marcus parkours around San Francisco, it almost feels like a modern day Assassin’s Creed.

In Topic: XBL Deals - 2019

30 June 2019 - 05:42 PM

And I thought having everything after Black Flag was a deep backlog of AC.
(I still want to 100 percent Black Flag on the X1, too; I played it on 360. And do I play Rogue for free via having the 360 copy, or spring for the remaster?)

I bought the Remaster while it was on sale and while I loved playing through it again and getting another 1000gs, it isn't enough of an upgrade IMO to justify paying full price for it when you already have the 360 version. If it goes back on sale and you have some Microsoft funny money to spare, then go for it. Otherwise, the 360 version is fine.

As for those saying to skip the old games and jump into Origins... I kinda of agree. I still love replaying the old games because I have been a fan of the series since the first game, but Origins and Odyssey are so different from the previous entries in the series and the story so independent that they could almost be considered a soft reboot of the series. If you want to experience the latest and greatest, you really aren't losing anything by going ahead to Origins and Odyssey.

On a side note, am I the only one cooling on Scarlett? I'm still excited for the system, don't get me wrong... But, thinking about it, I have such a huge backlog on Xbox One X right now (and it is only going to get bigger thanks to GWG, GamePass, new releases, etc.) and new systems always have issues for the first several months anyway. Plus, any big titles (Halo Infinite for sure) will dual launch on One and Scarlett. I'm actually thinking of waiting at least an extra year before upgrading.