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Blog speedy05 > Let There Be Games Podcast Episode 12: The Do-overisode

Posted 09 February 2011

We are always looking for new listeners, give us a listen and join the fun via e-mail, twitter, facebook, etc...

Join Br0wn Shuga, Speedy05, Pakman, and LORD WEIRDBEARD, and Special Guest, Swords of Gaol as they delve into the deliciousness of the video game industry!
This 12th Episode opens with the Modsquad lamenting over take two of the evenings show...

Blog speedy05 > Let There Be Games Podcast #9: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX High Score Interview

Posted 30 November 2010

just posted the latest podcast which includes an interview with XstonefryX (a fellow CAG!) who is the current World High Score Holder in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Xbox 360) with an over all score of 112,657,772.

Join Br0wn Shuga, speedy05, Pak-Man 1976, LORD WEIRDBEARD, and redtank2k6 as they talk video games
“Whatcha ya been playing?”, a round-t...

Blog speedy05 > Games for Windows and an Experience to Keep Me Away

Posted 23 November 2010

So I was completing the campaign mode for Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) when I read an interesting post on one my favorite sites, gameTZ.com (yes, I usually play games with a PC right next to me, I hate to miss anything on the Interwebs!); Today Only: Age of Empires 3 (PC) 10 cents (not a typo)!! Now for those who don't know me very well let me sha...

Blog speedy05 > Looks Like We’re All Moving Now…so now what?

Posted 20 November 2010

When the Nintendo Wii was released way back in 2006 it was the only console on the block which introduced "move-control" game play with it's then revolutionary Wii-mote + Nunchuk control scheme, and we all flocked to our favorite B&M store to buy it. Fast forward four years and gamers now have not one, not two, but three consoles that are doing their best...