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Blog SOSTrooper > So here it is, how to build a computer (using my parts).

Posted 02 August 2009


This guide is written by me directly for CAG. This guide should be loosely followed if you were to build a computer on your own, because every computer might have slightly different steps. I will point it out when there's something you should pay attention to about the variations of procedures as I go along.

You should have some minimal u...

Blog SOSTrooper > My $765 LAN PC Project (for gaming of course).

Posted 27 September 2008

So I've built a LAN PC for myself about 6 months ago since I attend LAN parties quite a bit. Instead of hauling around my 30 lb computer that I'm typing this blog on, I built one that is just as powerful but at around 10 lb. Keep in mind I built this 6 months ago, prices and selection were different back then than they are now:

Parts: (prices reflect th...