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I want to buy a Nokia 207 but live in the US

29 June 2014 - 04:02 PM

I guess I am a dumbphone kind of person, I've been rocking my Cingular (!) branded flip phone for many years.  Anyway I kind of want a new cell phone in order to get bluetooth so I can use a headset in the car, as well as maybe better battery life, and USB charging so I don't need to drag around the dedicated charger for my current phone.


I found the Nokia 207 (or sometimes called Asha 207) which appears to be just what I have been looking for.  http://www.nokia.com...ucts/phone/207/  Problem is they do not sell it in the US.  I suppose they think we should all be buying smartphones.  I want to get a white one, but extensive searching online at places like ebay/international ebay/amazon/international amazon/etc. have all come up with nothing.


Any ideas on what to do from here?  Maybe there is an international CAG'er willing to buy and ship?  Don't really know what else to do.


Oh also I notice a lot of new cell phones use the mini-SIM cards.  My SIM is the full size version.  If I were to go to an ATT store would they be able to transfer my SIM onto a mini SIM or would I need to cut my SIM down to size?




P.S. yes, I checked it is a GSM quad band phone and should work fine on US cell frequencies