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Blog eliter1 > iOS Gaming is dead to me...

Posted 24 June 2011

I purchased an iPhone 3G right before the 3GS came out...:roll: and began buying lots of .99 cent games. I knew the iPhone 4 would be much more powerful and I bought it as soon as I could. About 1 year later I stopped playing iOS games. The only game I play once every 3 or 4 days when I am in the toilet and I don't have anything to read is Infinity Bla...

Blog eliter1 > Local Borders going out of business is good for me!

Posted 28 March 2011

Went by my local Borders since it's going out of business to find some books but I couldn't find any. Walked over to the comics and bluray section since they were 60% off and scored the following for $10 each after tax! Especially good since I just finished Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 and was about to order Vol. 2 from Amazon. Just wish I could have found s...

Blog eliter1 > Tax return coming soon... What should I buy?

Posted 17 March 2011

I am going to be getting my tax return and I really want to treat myself. Last year it all went to paying for summer school but this year financial aid will be taking care of it. I am really thinking of getting a Mac. I have a little experience coding and I wanted to see if I can write some iOS apps, even if they're just for me to use. I was looking a...

Blog eliter1 > Comic-Con ticket sale was an EPIC FAILURE!

Posted 05 February 2011

As some of you may know SDCC tickets went on sale today and they couldn't have done it in any worse way. They put the sale off because they were looking for a better way to sell them and it seems they were just sitting on their asses doing nothing. I spent 4 hours and 40 minutes trying to get 4 4-Day passes. I was able to get 2 Junior passes in 2 hours...

Blog eliter1 > Black Friday pickups arrived!

Posted 03 December 2010


Still waiting on Superbad and I missed out on Back to the Future and Target cancelled my LOTR Trilogy :wall: Spent less than half of what I spent last year :D but I didn't actually do any Xmas shopping, this is all for me!8-). Don't know if that's a good thing or not. At least I didn't have t...