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GameStop: B2G1 Free on 1st Party PS Vita Titles - Now Live Online

18 February 2012 - 08:12 AM

Purchase 2 select PS Vita games and get 1 free. Free game must be of equal of lesser value, while supplies last. Expires 2/25/12

Uncharted: Golden Abyss $49.99
ModNation Racers: Road Trip $29.99
Hotshots Golf World Invitational $39.99
Wipeout 2048 $39.99
Little Deviants $29.99

So i walked in today to GS and picked up the PDP Folio and started talking to the GS Employee, about how i'm waiting till Target's B2G! offer.. Well he then says "We are doing that now.." I said "Wait what?!" He says yeah B2G1 free on Vita Launch titles. So i proceed to pick out my games and get ringed up. It seems that he couldn't do it.. He was mistaken The promo doesn't start till Sunday (he pulled up the internal memo and showed me) but he said "Well i said it was valid now so what the hey.." And rings it up.

*Update 2* It seems that the deal is live on Gamestop.com. First party titles only alas. But this is NOT regional it's nation wide. seems that some managers don't have there Sh*& together to notify customers.. ah well.

*Update* It seems that some of you have been able to confirm this and see that it's "apparently" First Party Titles only.. Since my GS was willing to do the promotion early and i guess didn;t read the fine print LOL I got a YMMV but.. Here are the titles that are CONFIRMED so far..

Modnation racers
Wipeout 2048
Hot shots golf
Little deviants

(scan of my receipt)
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I came in here to mention this as i know I went to Target and they are acting like idio