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Blog ZForce915 > My joystick is finally done!

Posted 07 July 2012


I started this over a year ago when there was a deal on the Madcatz SE sticks. I wanted to make a joystick for Pac Man games so I set this stick to 4 directions only so I'd have a true arcade experience.


Blog ZForce915 > Can't rent Thor, Captain America or X-Men First Class

Posted 06 May 2012

I'm getting ready to watch a movie with my wife, she suggested we watch a comic book inspired movie for free comic book day. I loved the idea so we sought out one of these three movies:

X-Men First Class
Captain America

Between Netflix Instant, Amazon Instant and iTunes there is no legal way for me to rent this movie. Hey movie studios? If you wa...

Blog ZForce915 > I pimped out my 3DS today

Posted 19 April 2012


My wife was able to make this vinyl triforce for me. Better than the official Zelda 3DS, right? :D

Blog ZForce915 > Skylanders: A CAG guide to the optimal experience

Posted 01 November 2011

I bought Skylanders. I really like Skylanders. Skylanders is not CAG.

There, I've come to terms with it. I broke from my usual CAG nature and bought a pretty expensive game within the launch month. Turns out I really like this game and I thought I'd make a straightforward guide on how to get the most out of the game without spending too much money....

Blog ZForce915 > Breathe in, hold...and out.

Posted 16 June 2010

Feel better?

E3 is that time of year where moments after an announcement the gaming community just loves to flip out. Just take a moment to chill out and remember that until this stuff hits the shelf and has a proper review from people you trust or until you try it yourself this is basically just a preview.

And we know that previews are only as good as...