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Otogi 2

25 October 2004 - 09:15 PM

Anyone else get this game? It's SO awesome. Good god. I got it for $27 too off Outpost. Even after just a few levels, I think I'm ready to declare this my favorite XBOX game... geeze. Ok, I'm going to go play some more! I'll post some more thoughts when I'm out of my fanboy frenzy.

cyberpowersystem.com / high end computers

30 June 2004 - 06:01 PM

I'm thinking about investing in a new comp, looking probably at spending around 2 grand. I'd build one myself, but I don't want the headaches and I'd rather just pay a bit of a premium to let someone else do it.

That being said, I was just curious to know if anyone has had any experience with Cyber Power (cyberpowersystem.com) or iBuyPower.com? They seem to be very similar companies, not sure what the deal is with that, but I was leaning towards Cyber Power if either -- they have better options for what I'm looking at.

So, any experience, or better ideas?