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Posted by coldwine on 30 December 2017 - 09:42 PM

So i grabbed the GF, who loves Target for some arcane reason, and got there today only to discover that my Target app (which was acting glitchy yesterday when I set it up with cartwheel & Target card) wasn't connecting to the net. After getting pissed and after performing the traditional angry stomp, I told my companion what had happened. She said to try connecting to the guest wi-fi. "Hmm" I responded, with all the intelligence of an old piece of cheese, although my cheese doesn't usually talk. Heeding her advice, cartwheel was active again.


I previously had a Minecraft bundle brought up to customer service, so we returned there and found ourselves next in line, a Christmas miracle worthy of being turned into a musical starring Hugh Jackman. I told her I was price matching the Target web and the rep verified and then changed the price. We added some girly junk to the order, then I pulled out my demonic phone with the Target wallet, and scanned cartwheel. The price dropped to 139.99, but for some reason my card was not connected, so I used my Target card and got the additional 5%. Success without bitching, cajoling, or lewd winking! I had only lost a small amount of sanity and increased nocturnal drooling by a negligible amount. 


Now that I have a Minecraft code that I don't need, is anyone interested in a swap for the Froza/Hot Wheels code? Or is there a good place to sell codes without grief, I hear that folks on Ebay buy & use codes then say they didn't work. 


Thanks. I need a drink.

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Posted by coldwine on 21 July 2013 - 06:42 PM

PM'd at Target. Yay and all that guff.