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dv8mad's Blog > Lowball REVITALIZATION Event! ~ One Ball to Rule Them All

Posted 13 January 2018

Hello CAG Pals, Once again, I am coming to you with a lowball, but this time, I want to invite some others to take part as well. I know there are plenty of you that are "old school" CAGs and are well aware of the lowball format. HOwever, for those of you new to the game... It seems, that over the past few years, the lowball forum has languished...

dv8mad's Blog > The LOWBALL is LIVE and the list is HUGE! Over 400 items. Stop by and get a deal!

Posted 20 September 2017

If you have never participated in a dv8mad lowball, or any lowball at all, NOW IS THE TIME!
Over 400 items just waiting for the highest bidder to swoop in and take them home. As always, dv8mad lowball items will sell no matter what the end price is, even if it's only $1!
Stop by and have a look.

dv8mad's Blog > Can't wait to get your lowball on? ME NEITHER!

Posted 12 September 2017

CAG seems to have been in a lowball lull. Let's put a stop to that! 
Everyone remember, lowballs are good for the seller to make space and money, but they are also good for the CAG community as great deals are always to be had. Not to mention simply participating is fun! 
Source: ミ★☆★   Can't wait to get your...

dv8mad's Blog > After a long hiatus...

Posted 09 February 2014

Thanks to those of you "keeping the dream alive" with some really great lowballs over the past months.

I suppose I was gone for at least 3 months. Possibly a little closer to 4 based on activity. Sorry about that! Times were tough for awhile, and I'll go ahead with a brief recap and then let you all in on what I have going on currently and in the near fu...

dv8mad's Blog > XPAND Universal 3D Glasses (Experience & Review)

Posted 09 July 2013

Some of you know this, but my oldest boy, Ryu, was born with microtia . (That's a wiki link!)
For those not inetrested in clicking, here is the lowdown;

Basically, one or both ears do not develop correctly during formation of the baby. This can, in severe cases, lead to a multitude of problems. In the conditions least severe form, you may simply have a p...