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Blog breakingcustoms > Upgrading 360 HDD...is it easy?

Posted 04 February 2013

So being part of the Microsoft Expertzone (thank you Verizon Wireless for selling WP8 phones), I found that they are selling 320GB 360 HDDs for $43 with Lego Star Wars 3. I currently use a 250GB slim HDD. What's the easiest way to get said content from one device to the other? I know when I went from original to slim, I had to get a special cable direc...

Blog breakingcustoms > *coming soon* Smaller Screens

Posted 10 September 2012

I currently work in the cellular industry and my life is surrounded by portable devices. I'm a tech and video game junkie always eager to get the latest and greatest in technology.

My goal from this is to inform people about specific games and apps I am absolutely in love with. I will be covering individual games, complete series, and even genres litte...

Blog breakingcustoms > Gamestop "refurbished" disc??

Posted 05 August 2012

So I ended up clearing some of my older games out using Gamestop's 50% trade in promo for a used game. I picked up FF13-2 (PS3), and both used copies that GS had were had these rings around the center of the disc with barcodes on them.

They actually looked like the stickers from a Redbox machine. I told him that if they were previous rentals, I didn't...

Blog breakingcustoms > Just got a new car, 2012 Scion xB

Posted 26 March 2012

I purchased a 2011 Honda Civic last year around March and let me tell you, it was one of the worst cars I've owned. The ride was rough, the engine was weak, and I've found that the coupe-style entry was obnoxious.

I was interested in either the Nissan Cube or the Scion xB. Since Toyota has a great track record, I test drove the xB and fell in love. Th...

Blog breakingcustoms > Best Buy exchange policy

Posted 25 October 2011

I know that Best Buy has a return window of 14 days of tablet devices. I picked up an HTC Flyer 10/4 and over the past few days, my battery has gotten abysmal.

I am a premium silver member with the 45 day return window. Will this extend to tablets as well, or am I stuck fighting to get a new replacement.

I just want to mentally prepare for tomorrow if...