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#7869559 forum feature request: hide threads

Posted by laaj on 16 January 2011 - 11:35 PM

I really want a feature to hide threads so that I won't see them next time on default view. There could be a quick button somewhere to undo this. Problem I have is that since the deals forum is so active that I need to go through 3-4 pages worth (much more if I haven't visited for more than a day) to find couple of deals I might like. Most of the updated threads are the ones I already passed on.

Now if there was a way to hide threads you don't care about, that will make the deals forum much more usable. Imagine you hide a thread for XXXXX game and not have it show up every time you visit. I can't be the only one who missed out on deals because I was skimming the thread titles quickly because most of them are updated repeat of last visit.