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Blog Jesus_S_Preston > My Blog about my Blog about "Dog with a Blog"

Posted 23 March 2013


Check it out! There's humor!

Blog Jesus_S_Preston > Hank Hill Beats People into Comas Part 1: hank Goes Full Hill

Posted 15 November 2012

Hank Hill stood on the riverbank down at Arlen Texas riverbank. He looked out into the sea and wondered how his life had come to this. Propane had been his sweet lover for years upon years, but deep inside he wondered if marrying that other woman, Peegggeh, was the correct choice for his deciscion all those years ago.

"Damn it riverbank," screams Hank Hi...

Blog Jesus_S_Preston > I wrote a poem about Resident Evil 6

Posted 02 October 2012

This is the poem I wrote to commeratore.

http://3.bp.blogspot...l Afterlife.jpg

Resident Evil 6
got a 6
out of 6
I want to take the garbage out
but my dad has not put the curb
back where he left it before taking it
down with him when he's gone.
In the backyard, mama cries
on a swing...

Blog Jesus_S_Preston > Regards

Posted 28 March 2012

uncle dolan

Blog Jesus_S_Preston > Final Fantasy "XIII" is the thirteenth game in the beloved series

Posted 19 January 2012

The game was given many accolades, some websites calling it "the best RPG to come out of Japan this year." In the time since its release, it has spawned multiple spin-offs and a wikipedia article.