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Blog _Sin_ > Friend of mine likes to broadcast his live DJ stream

Posted 25 April 2009

Music isn't for everyone (me included), someone might like it, give him some views :D


Blog _Sin_ > We don't want zombies on the lawn. =)

Posted 03 April 2009


Another zombie game, with an awesome tune and a strange twist. Definately looks like a cute, fun game.


Blog _Sin_ > It's times like these that I wish I knew Japanese

Posted 26 March 2009

This just screams awesome. :lol:

Blog _Sin_ > I decided to stimulate the economy today.

Posted 13 March 2009

Sony is offering $200 cashback off your first $349 or more purchase along with 12 months no interest. I'm a good deal whore:dunce:. So, I bit. I sunk my teeth into an 80gb ps3. Decided to get that over the 160gb drake's fortune bundle, as i'm sure I can snag that game and do a bigger HDD upgrade for the same $100 or less.

I'm probably going to go ahead a...