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Chronis's Blog! Catchy title coming soon! > I baked my graphics card! *pics!*

Posted 12 January 2011

A few weeks ago, I'm playing Minecraft, minding my own business. (Or should I say mining.... hohohoho, witty). For anybody who knows anything about the game... I had recently found a lava pool and made some obsidian, so my current goal was to find some diamond so i could mine the obsidian. I decided to do this by digging under my house all the way to bedr...

Chronis's Blog! Catchy title coming soon! > Hey, CheapyD! Where are you?

Posted 04 October 2010

You're missing this!



Chronis's Blog! Catchy title coming soon! > You know that guy dv8mad? I got a package from him.

Posted 11 June 2010

It seems like bad luck just seems to love following this guy around. So every once in a while (like you know... every 3.4 hours), his trade list becomes home to the official Dv8mad lowball sales. I just happened to win 3 items during his last sale, and what do you know... they just arrived! Since a new sale hasn't started yet, that means he managed to...

Chronis's Blog! Catchy title coming soon! > Well it took 5 days short of a full year to happen...

Posted 08 June 2010

...But it finally did. I'm sure none of you remember my legendary CAG blog from last year about how CheapyMom wanted to find out what the next big thing was. Fast forward 360 days, and CheapyD himself finally decided that leaving a growing star alone was not a smart move! What if I became famous enough to take over CAG!? Cheapy wouldn't allow this to hap...

Chronis's Blog! Catchy title coming soon! > Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction...

Posted 30 May 2010

You may wonder who I am and why I say this. Sit down and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard.

It started in November of 2003. I was dragged to Target with my father in search of Christmas presents. However, I was more interested in seeing the video games from that holiday season. Upon my arrival to the electronics section, I noticed the...