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#13703497 Anybody interested in Virtual Reality? We have a VR Gaming Podcast that's...

Posted by bburpee on 29 April 2017 - 04:11 PM

Hey, everybody! We're long-time CAG fans and readers who have been working hard on a virtual reality gaming podcast over the past year (26 episodes so far!). Prior to this we had a short-run (but pretty solid) gaming website, and this time around we've reviewed over 200 different Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Playstation VR (PSVR) titles. 
Why does this interest you? We regularly have extra giveaway codes for the taking, so if you're a PC user who enjoys VR and has a Steam account, give us a listen, maybe send us an email, and perhaps you'll be selected for a giveaway!
Our podcast is incredibly conversational, and the reviews aren't a ratings system, they're just a thumbs up, thumbs down, is it worth the cash kind of deal. :)
Anyhow, check us out on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple...1150985280?mt=2 Or listen directly on Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/user-898913960 ... and if you like it, do us a favor and rate and review on iTunes!

#13284382 Quantum Break - PC version free if you pre-order Xbox One version, also free...

Posted by bburpee on 09 April 2016 - 08:13 PM

This is 100% the last time I preorder anything from Microsoft digital download. The price has dropped everywhere, and they still haven't sent the code of the W10 version of the game. IT'S ALL DIGITAL. There is literally no single physical hang-up that should have caused this. They knew how many were pre-ordered in advance, the game is complete, and you can buy it, but they're not giving it to the people who chose to give their money directly to M$. What a joke. I like the game, but I could have bought it for 20% less and had a resellable copy, instead I'm waiting for them to get off their assets. Gross.

#12557131 Best Buy Ad MISTAKE Dying Light

Posted by bburpee on 09 March 2015 - 06:36 PM

LOL @ "This game is an absolute delight". It's a good game. It is ridiculously buggy. For the first month of the game's life many people couldn't play with friends without being kicked after a few minutes. Matching for the "Be a Zombie" nonsense was awful for many, and then when the patch fixed those issues, everyone realized "Be a Zombie" is absolutely horrendous. 


If you like trophies or achievements, it's still bugged - I've played through the game twice, full, and I have three trophies that just won't pop due to some unknown bug... and I'm not a rare case. Check out the dev's website. 


If you're going into it to play a fun game that meshes Dead Island with parkour games, that's exactly what you get. I did not *personally* think it was better than Dead Island. It's a lot more fun when you're all leveled up, but by then there are few interesting random encounters or side missions left, and the final boss battle is hilariously horrible. 


So, yeah, the 7/10 people are just about right. It's good but nowhere near great. Accept the fact that you may never 100% the game unless they patch it again, jump online with some buddies, and start slashing and crafting. But the story blows, the bad guy is garbage, and there are definitely bugs. And the Be The Zombie  is just a waste of space. Just my opinion after seeing people talk it up without any reference to the bugs and the stuff that keeps it from being a real AAA title.

#11150978 Mountain Dew & Doritos [XboxONE promotion]

Posted by bburpee on 21 October 2013 - 08:26 PM

Well, to speak to some of the concerns here... first off, you'dd probably need to have around 50-60k points to equal the $600 the system and game will cost you... so even the confessed recovering Dew Addict would need to double that production... and that number was way high. One 12-pack a day for 45 days would net you only 9k points, nowhere near the 25k JMusic approximated. At about a penny a point (the most accurate measure for this contest) you'll need to spend $1,500 on Dew and Doritos to max out the points - that's 750 2-liters and 375 bags of Doritos, or 375 bags of Doritos and 375 12 packs. In six weeks (of auctions).


Scaling back to $500 - a reasonable price for an Xbox One - that's 125 bags of Doritos and 125 12-packs (or 250 2-liters). In six weeks. Very few shoppers will come close to those numbers - and there aren't likely 5k collectors out there to run the price up to 50k points ($500) for a system. What's more - why would they? If the prices start rising, they lose. 


As one of the (hopefully few) collectors aiming for the "Once in a Lifetime" auctions, I'm over 110k points and will max out the 150k cap. If you're aiming for those big auctions, I'm the competition. If you're aiming for the smaller auctions, you're 100% safe from my bidding, because I won't bid on any systems the first week, and I can only win ONE auction during the entire contest, so I'll hold out for the big ones. What's more, there may be collectors aiming for the middle ground - the advanced system auctions. (Because everyone wants a horribly ugly Dew-litho'd system, I guess?)


The only way you regular chums have to worry about us mass collectors is that we drain the supply of specially marked packages and have a ton of sweepstakes entries. Other than that, bid with impunity early and hope for the best.


In the end, I can tell you from experience that the sheer effort involved in hauling around hundreds of Dew bottles/12-packs and cutting the hard-to-read codes off the Doritos bags is immense. Very few people will be interested in keeping with it. My wife and I are doing it because we want to win something specific for our son, and because we're committed now... to a month of Doritos casseroles, Mountain Dew everywhere we go... lol. And weirdly, neither of us has gained weight. And we've probably saved money on not going out to dinner. (Not on the entire purchase, of course, just $50 here and there that would have gone to a decent restaurant.)

#10914757 Best Buy RZ Private Shopping Event July 28; $30 RZ cert with pre-order o...

Posted by bburpee on 17 July 2013 - 05:45 PM

Okay, I'm a little confused about two things.... first, where does your local store's page list participation in this promo? I checked a bunch of stores in Dallas and didn't see any mention of it.


Second... panda911, really? You have no need for a second controller? That might be the saddest thing I've ever heard.

#10624086 PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Thread *GREATNESS OUT NOW!*

Posted by bburpee on 14 June 2013 - 04:45 AM

Also got the Launch day email from Amazon. There's no way I'd wait on this one, there's definitely the possibility that it'll catch fire and be impossible to find with Christmas on the line.


Besides, after spending the last three days staring at WiiU, One, and Ps4, it's clear what the must-have release day system is. I'll be curious how Microsoft turns all of this around, but I'm convinced 2014 will be all Ps4 all the time. 

#10607753 Whats the most disappointing game played recently ?

Posted by bburpee on 09 June 2013 - 11:47 PM

J. Cripes, what did you morons expect these games to do, blow you?


This is like a list of "Best Games of the Year" with a few pieces of actual garbage thrown in for good measure. 


"Wah, I'm so disappointed that Bioshock Infinite was only terrific and not mind-blowing! Wahhhh!" For every great game you didn't quite love there are a hundred awful games that looked awesome at E3.