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bgame2's Blog > Thrustmaster TX Review

Posted 30 May 2015

To determine whether you should purchase the Thrustmaster TX wheel, you can watch 10 minute videos from sim racing fanatics, you can read Amazon reviews from people who may or may not be overly critical or you can simply consider the following.

The Thrustmaster TX wheel works with both the Xbox One and the PC. For the purposes of this review, I have used...

Blog bgame2 > People Blowin' Smoke or Give Steam a Chance?

Posted 11 March 2013

Hello PC users!

I am guessing that the large percentage of people who read this will be pc/steam users. Here's my situation. I'm a console gamer. I know nothing, and I mean nothing, about how to use steam. I am a laptop user. My new computer has an i7 and I believe 8GB DDR3 so I am thinking that I'll be ok to do most stuff.

I'm thinking of runnin...

Blog bgame2 > When Was The Last Time You Played A Game?

Posted 30 January 2013


I'm not the type to post depressing blogs. On those occasions when I do get upset about things, I typically process my way through it pretty rapidly. Having said that, I have been thinking about posting this less than optimistic blog entry for a few weeks.

Preface: I have been a gamer my entire life. From the Atari 2600 and coleco vision to t...

Blog bgame2 > Ipad Shopping, Please Help! My Brain Hurts.

Posted 30 December 2012

So I'm going to buy an Ipad, most likely the 4th Gen, but I really cannot decide what to do. I'm not sure whether I should get a 3rd gen, wait for the alleged 5th gen in March and then sell the 3rd Gen, or just get the 4th gen now and keep it. :-k

Similarly, do I want one with a data plan or not? Do I really need more than 16GB?

To those of you that...

Blog bgame2 > Bgame's 3DS XL review. Xtra Large Goodness.

Posted 29 August 2012

28187 27583 28188

This will be brief. To be clear, I never owned or thought much of the DS. My five year old and my nieces and nephews have it. They all played it constantly (when they weren't messing with their ipod's). That said, I never really saw the appeal.

My nephew got the 3DS some time ago and again really enjoyed it, but I still found...