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FS: X360 Games, PS Move, MvC2 DC, Hard drives W: Paypal

27 July 2011 - 05:13 AM

I'm going to be moving my life up to UCLA next year and I want to get rid of some things for the sake of space. I plan to throw these up on eBay eventually but I'd rather give the CAG community first crack at what I have. All games are adult owned and complete with case and manual unless otherwise specified.

Paypal only, but Amazon gift cards will also be considered. Shipping is $2 for each item. Local pickup is ok if you can meet in the South Orange County area. I ship everything within 24 hours. Combined shipping discounts are available - just ask!

Obviously I don't have any trading feedback here at CAG, but here's my eBay profile: http://myworld.ebay.com/phantomazero

Xbox 360:

Ridge Racer 6
Table Tennis
Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza Combo Pack
Fight Night Round 3
Rainbow Six Vegas (original case missing)

Splinter Cell Conviction
Fight Night Round 4


($5) Dragonball GT: Final Bout PS1 import
($5) Company of Heroes for PC
($5) Battlefield 2 + Special Forces expansion for PC
($10) 8GB Class 4 Transcend MicroSD Card
($20) Marvel vs Capcom 2 Dreamcast (case, manual missing)
($75) Playstation Move Camera w/ two controllers

DVD lot ($20 and every movie listed below is yours)

The Breakfast Club
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Mr. Deeds
The Notebook
The Terminal
Spider-Man 2.1 (Extended edition of SM2)
X-Men: The Last Stand

3.5" Hard Drives:
(These are all pulled from work after we did a massive overhaul for our systems. Shipping is $5 for priority mail).

Western Digital 80GB IDE (WD800)
Western Digital 80GB IDE (WD800)
Seagate 80GB IDE (ST380011A)
Seagate 80GB IDE (ST380011A)

Western Digital 74GB SATA (WD740 Raptor)
Western Digital 250GB SATA (WD2500JS)

Western Digital 500GB SATA (5000AAKS)
Hitachi 500GB SATA (P7K500)

Monitors (Local pickup preferred):

($80) Dell 2001FP 20.1" Ultrasharp Genesis

($200) Dell 2407WFP Ultrasharp