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Green Man Gaming (Steam) Deals: 20% off select games: South Park, Thief, Titanfall and more

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#10561 MinDRioT


    Heil Kitler!

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Posted Yesterday, 10:58 PM

Better get those Poker Nights if you don't have


$1.24 - 20% = $1 - $0.1 cashback = $0.9


Both has £0.85 rewards which is ~$1.4


I have both... :(


Edit: Games doesn't support controllers at all, silently refusing to launch if you have one plugged in.

Got em both. Good call ;)

#10562 Cheaplikeafox 3.0

Cheaplikeafox 3.0

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Posted Yesterday, 11:25 PM

Fair enough point on the Golf. WIth Meat Boy, I already own it on Xbox, so I was hoping for a bundle so I would avoid paying to double-dip, but it's taking forever. :-P

Some people are selling Humble Gift Links with Meat Boy in the trade thread. Couldn't hurt to see how low you can haggle them down.

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#10563 asheskitty


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Posted Yesterday, 11:38 PM


Pulling a GG here... MSRP on Steam is $10 and it's been $2.50 on Steam and Amazon.  ...which is odd since GMG is usually good about having the correct MSRP.

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#10564 MrNinjaSquirrel


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Posted Today, 01:11 AM

...which is odd since GMG is usually good about having the correct MSRP.

Their Lego Batman 2 MSRP is also $10 higher than on Steam.

There's not a lot of logic to it. It's kind of like on a boat with "Women and children first."
I mean, why should they...

#10565 Talyrius


Posted Today, 10:30 AM


$49.99 $16.99 (66% off)


THIEF: Master Thief Edition

$52.99 $18.01 (66% off)


Additional 20% off voucher: