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Gamecube to Game Boy Micro Cable - Instructions in here

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Poll: Would you purchase a Gamecube->Micro/GBA Link Cable at $25 shipped?

Would you purchase a Gamecube->Micro/GBA Link Cable at $25 shipped?

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#61 Beana Blasta

Beana Blasta


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Posted 27 January 2006 - 10:36 PM

buy some cables off ebay, maybe theres bulk amounts there, good luck
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#62 Troz1820


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Posted 27 January 2006 - 10:48 PM

Unfortunately the small number of Micro Link Cables sold on eBay are 1) Not official Nintendo products, and 2) All located in Hong Kong.

#63 n8n8baby


    Dislocated Arcade Rat

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Posted 31 January 2006 - 09:06 PM

I just got my cables from troz....they look great...about 7.5 feet long...very nice :) thanks a ton bro

#64 patters


Posted 01 February 2006 - 05:30 PM

Hi Troz1820,

Would it be possible for you to make available the pinouts of the GBA/SP link port Vs the Micro ones? It would be a huge help if you could.

Here are the pinouts for the GBA/SP:
http://www.ziegler.d...e GBA link-port
Posted Image
1=3.3V (5V in GB/GBC mode)
2=Serial out
3=Serial in
4=Serial data
5=Serial clock

Do the numbers in your photo on page 1 correspond to these, or are they arbitrary?

#65 Troz1820


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Posted 02 February 2006 - 12:11 AM

They're arbitrary. I'll get back to you on this by tomorrow.

#66 Chain


Posted 02 February 2006 - 12:12 AM


#67 DekuPnut


Posted 02 February 2006 - 10:59 AM

PM't too.
This is really great since I needed a 2nd controller for FFCC and FSA and I wanted to buy a Micro+Play-yan(micro).
Now I can use both!

#68 Chain


Posted 02 February 2006 - 06:57 PM

Please pm me back Troz, really could use one of these cables so let me know if one is still available,

#69 ithigentel


Posted 02 February 2006 - 11:30 PM

My Micro to Micro link cable came today. I haven't cut it apart yet though, had some fun Mario Kart and Link to the Past's Four Swords multiplayer action with my roommate today.

#70 Troz1820


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Posted 03 February 2006 - 06:40 PM

Patters: I've been looking at my drawings and I can't really tell which cable is what. I never properly labeled the male or female connectors. To figure all this out, all I did was use the GBMicro->GBALink converter to figure out which wires went where.

There are 8 pins total on the GBMicro, of which 1 & 8 are 5V and Ground I know. The remainder look like they go in the same order as the GBA Link port. So from what I can tell, looking at the connector straight on would be:

1=5V OR Gnd
3=Serial out
4=Serial in
5=Serial data
6=Serial clock
8=5V OR Ground

Of course, they could be reversed but that's the general idea. I don't have any tools to test this kind of stuff with so unfortunately this is all I can do for you (I think).

#71 patters


Posted 05 February 2006 - 02:06 AM

Of course, they could be reversed but that's the general idea. I don't have any tools to test this kind of stuff with so unfortunately this is all I can do for you (I think).

Thanks. I thought you might have a multimeter, if so you'd be able to check the continuity of the pins from one side of the official converter to the other. I do have one, so I can use it to measure for the 3.3V line. Once I have that then I should be able to work out the rest. Now I need a link cable. They don't seem to have officially been released in the UK yet.

#72 Troz1820


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Posted 10 February 2006 - 03:51 AM


I used my multimeter and verified that Pin 7 is 3.3V (I really hope) so the order should be reversed from what I posted above. Hope that helps and that you find a micro link cable to use.

#73 da Owenator

da Owenator

Posted 16 February 2006 - 06:55 AM

Is there any way to still get one of those cables? sure would love to avoid buying an SP or advance just to play FFCC or FSA. Or, nintendo (if you read this stuff), please make a micro GC cable....!!!

#74 Troz1820


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Posted 16 February 2006 - 07:11 AM

Sorry, no way other than to build your own following the instructions on the first page of this thread.

I only did it to repay this community in a small way for all of the great deals I've gotten through here. The process of acquiring the two separate cables is too cumbersome to continue for just one person. I think I visited around 5 different Circuit City stores to round up the required Nyko cables.

#75 da Owenator

da Owenator

Posted 17 February 2006 - 04:28 AM

Well, that's okay, thanks for showing me how to do it though. have a good one!

#76 nefrusy


Posted 18 February 2006 - 03:26 PM

(this doesn't work after all...)


This is my first CAG post, so please forgive my newbness! -.- But, I thought some of you might find this interesting. I started an attempt to make my own link cable for GameCube -> Game Boy micro, where I'm hoping to leave the GBm cable completely intact, using a modified GC cable. The trick is, my friend gave me his InterAct "CubeLink Advanced" GC->GBA cable, which has a pass-through port on the GBA end!

[deleted useless info]

...I tried the following connection path:
Micro -> Micro link cable -> Micro converter -> CubeLink passthrough -> GameCube

Unfortunately, this setup didn't respond. I'm wondering if there is a cross-over issue with the wires, since I'm essentially trying to reverse the functionality of the pass-through port? I know it's a fully functional pass-through because I tested it in a GBm->GBA connection.

[deleted useless info and pic]

I was hoping that this pass-through solution might be a nice and easy alternative for those of us with no wiring skills, but I'm thinking now that I was wrong :P If anyone has any ideas for this, please let me know! I have a feeling that I'm close to a solution, but don't want to just start hacking away...

#77 arhynas


Posted 24 February 2006 - 07:17 AM

So i picked up a Pelican All-in-One Link at the local GameStop for $2 (in the used bin but new in the package...? $7.99 new). It goes from a GBA link connector, to a small box, then from the box are 2 cables, one a GBA link and one a GC link. I got brave and hacked the connector of my GBAM link cable and, after some continuity testing and color matching I was able to splice it together and make it work. I figured I was proud enough of my accomplishments that I'd post the results, including the way the wires hookup, as follows:

Nintendo cable ==> Pelican cable
Shielding => Green & Black
Green => Orange
Brown => Red
Orange => Yellow
Red => Brown
Blue => Blue

That is of course assuming that Pelican decided to wire every cable the same. You're probably as confused as I am about the way the colors line up, especially considering both cables have green, orange, red, blue and brown in common, but whatever, it works.

The best part: the cable still works as a link cable between my GBAM and my SP. :lol:

#78 nefrusy


Posted 25 February 2006 - 06:42 AM

Arhynas, that's awesome! Was hoping to leave my micro cable intact enough to also connect to SPs, and with your setup I should be able to! Thanks for the post... also thanks to Troz again for all of the hard work :)

One quick question to either/both of you guys... does it matter which end of the micro cable I cut and splice? These link cables are supposed to have a master and slave end, right? I'm assuming the slave plug is the one with the support lip added (so it won't fit in the extension block).


P.S. My attempt at using the CubeLink Advanced has all but failed :P Time to pick up that Pelican cable!

#79 Troz1820


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Posted 25 February 2006 - 06:42 PM

^^Glad you figured out how to use the Pelican Cable. I always figured it wouldn't be too difficult to get it to work with that cable.

^It doesn't matter which end of the micro cable you use. They both have the same wires running through them. It's the small circuit board in the middle that determines master/slave for GB->GB connectivity.

There's supposed to be a new Pelican all-in-one link cable which has a GBM connector on it. Here it is at Target, due out on March 8th. I think it's just a universal GB->GB Link cable and doesn't have any GC connectors on it. Anyways, it should allow people to get a micro connector without having to go through the Nintendo store, if it ever comes out. It was originally due early February IIRC.

#80 UncleBob


Posted 24 April 2006 - 12:31 AM

Hmm... I want a Micro -> GCN Cable... and have no talent. ;)

Anyone know if any unofficial cables have been released yet (In Japan or otherwise)?
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#81 pellucidity



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Posted 04 May 2006 - 02:15 AM

I just finished making a couple cables with the Nintendo GBM cable and a pair of the Nykos. Couldn't be easier, just 12 soldersplices and they're done. Now I just need to get some electrical tape and close 'em up. Pac-Man VS is tons better using these than an original GBA.

Thanks, Troz.

#82 warp


Posted 14 May 2006 - 02:19 PM


Just wanted to send a quick thank you to Troz, I just made my own cable by following the old instructions (official micro cable, official cube->gba cable), and
it's working :).

thanks again!


(note, if you're looking for official micro cables outside the US, I found mine on lik-sang.. a bit expensive but it was worth it :)

#83 Troz1820


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Posted 14 May 2006 - 03:15 PM

Great! Glad everything worked out for you.

A word of warning to those of you building your own cable: Lik-Sang and other places are now selling unofficial Micro link cables. These cables unfortunately do not have all of the wires required to build the link cable. I've tried two different third party cables without any luck. You must use the official Nintendo Micro Link Cable.

For those that aren't ready to build their own cables, I'm working on getting another batch of cables completed. The last hurdle to jump is getting the Micro Link cables from Nintendo. I'm working on a solution at the moment and hopefully will be able to get some cables completed at a lower price point than before in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on this thread if you're interested in one.

#84 Strell



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Posted 14 May 2006 - 03:25 PM

Good to hear Troz! I might pick up another one myself. I know it's been a pain in the ass for ya!

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#85 bigcloudy1


Posted 14 May 2006 - 05:31 PM

yeah dude i would so get one of those cords that your making it would help out soo much, but then again i might try to make my own. Well whatever good looking out.

#86 dr_giang


Posted 29 May 2006 - 12:11 AM

You got the Skills !
I really need one, maybe two :cry: damn I don’t have solder skills :cry:
Name your price to Australia :D

#87 Troz1820


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Posted 02 June 2006 - 02:47 AM

So, I'm going to do my best to have 20 cables ready by this Sunday (actually 18, UncleBob already got 2 since he's been such a big help). The price will be $17.50 per cable shipped to the continental USA. If you do want a cable, I ask that you wait to PM me until I post that they are for sale. I like to be able to ship the cables when I receive payment. The new cable looks like this:

Posted Image

I have enough materials to do a total of 50 cables. Once all of those are gone it'll be much harder for me to get the supplies for additional cables so if you want one and don't want to make it yourself I suggest you don't wait this time.

#88 UncleBob


Posted 02 June 2006 - 03:08 AM

Guys and gals -

I got my two cables today (No, I'm not hoarding them, I'm sending one to a friend in Japan) and they work wonderfuly! I tested them with FF:CC, LoZ:WW, LoZ:FSA, Pac-Man Vs. and Animal Crossing (using the eTM/e-Reader and Animal Island).

The build on these things is amazing. Troz, CheapD and I put some amount of effort into getting the supplies to make these as cheap as possible (The bottle neck ended up being that Troz ended up having to order the official cables directly from Nintendo... although having to special order the box - which is about 1/3rd the size of the micro - that you see in the middle of the cable didn't help either). Fortunatly, in the end, we were still able to cut the cost down on these a bit from the original.

As Troz said, if you want one, don't miss out this time. By the time he gets done splicing cables and cutting into these boxes, he's not going to want to make any more.

Not to mention Nintendo is as unhelpful as possible when it comes to trying to order a decent qaunity of the official micro cable....

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#89 Hutch128


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Posted 02 June 2006 - 07:05 AM

That’s great news. I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread for a while and can’t wait to place an order. I was about to take a stab at making one myself using the Nyko method, but couldn’t find the Nyko cables anywhere, they’re all sold out. Plus, I have no experience doing this kind of stuff, so I’m glad you’re making more. Hope there will be enough for the regulars and newbies like myself. Thanks.


#90 UncleBob


Posted 03 June 2006 - 04:09 AM

Re: The Nyko Cable

I contacted Nyko in regards to purchasing cables directly from them (or, if possible, through a supplier reccomended by them) and was informed that the cables have been out of production for awhile now. If someone is interested in the Nyko cable, the best bet is going to be finding one used at EBGames or such.
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