Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery (S) $13.96 via eShop. Game Pass via Xbox.
Pre-Order: Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery (S) $34.99 via GameStop. Best Buy. Game Pass via Xbox.
About this game
You're a detective, and a frog, and it's time to solve 3 thrilling mysteries! For the first time, all 3 Frog Detective cases are available in one package. Play as the #2 best investigator as you find clues, question silly suspects, and look at things through your magnifying glass. Some nay-sayers have called the magnifying glass "useless", but what do they know? Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery is a family-friendly yet witty take on the detective game genre. Solve the mysteries on your own, or play along with friends as you take turns reading out the dialogue. Think you can crack the case?
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