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  • Hi again Brian, thanks for your response. I just E-mailed the two leads you sent. I hope I get a response one way or another.
    I had already been to the site. I found that on my search, so I knew that I had the wrong plug from them. Thanks on that though.
    On my EBay search, there were several sellers selling that universal plug, and they claim that it works on the CDX. Well it is basically the same plug that I have been using, the one for the GENESIS, but it is the wrong plug.It isnot the right one as it does not put out enough power.What is the deal with them doing that? Won't they damage the game system eventually?
    I bought this system as a gift for my boyfriend. When I bought it, I had no idea that it was the wrong plug. The guy got me on that one. He had it on craigslist and I thought I was getting a good deal. I paid $70.
    I was thinking that the JVC XEye plug would work, but it has different polarity. So I am assuming that would screw it up to, and those are just as hard to find from what I have read.
    I also posted on the Sega 16 site, but so far you are the only one who has answered. I appreciate the response, and hope one of these guys can help me.
    There was a site I found that actually had one listed, but I called them to make sure and they did not have it. So it was a good thing I called .I think it was a sega parts place.
    Well this is actually the second time this has happened, a couple of months ago I bought another system off of craigslist, this time it was a Panasonic 3DO system , the smaller one, FZ-10. That one did not have the AC cord either. I figured we could find one. Well that is an odd ball one to. WE used one from a Play Station or a Saturn I can't remember and all that did was spin the disc around. I don't know if it was getting enough powerr or if the system just did'nt work. AgainI tried EBay and all they have is the universal plug which they claim works on the 3DO, but again they do not supply the right amount of power. Now I have two systems that I don't have plugs for.
    We do go to thrift stores a lot, but what are the chances of finding one.
    Out of three systems I have bought for him this year, the only one that I bought that actually worked was a Virtual Boy, and I probably paid to much for that one. $50.
    Anyway, thank you for your time and help. I will let you know if I hear from them. If you come across a plug for either of them let me know. I will check out your want list. My boyfriend has some stuff, but nothing really rare or uncommon. Thanks again. Kathy
    Brian, hi do you have or know where I can get an AC plug for a Sega CDX? Are there any compatible with it?
    The guy who sold it to me had a Genesis 2 plug with it, but the system was getting hot. I know the volts and wattage were not correct, so I stopped using it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kathy
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