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  • Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it in time for this upcoming one, got UW orientation crap going on around then :cry:

    I think I might be able to make the next one though :p
    Might grab a few tickets pretty soon, don't want them to sell out again lol
    Building a new rig! Doing an m-atx build this time around. Let me know when the next PDX is, might be able to make that one :p
    Will definitely be at the next InfernaLAN :)
    Nice! Have fun there :)
    I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to make the next one, my PC is starting to get kind of shitty with a bunch of issues and whatnot, not sure if I'm gonna have money to do some upgrades. Let me know when they do go on sale though, I might have fixed some of these things by then
    The Intel InfernaLAN for Spring 2009 is almost here (Last weekend of March)
    You gonna make it over there? :p
    Hey! I saw that you live in Olympia. That's where I'm from, but now I live in Bellingham after going to school up here. Anyway, I went to Capital and I saw you mentioned the Olympian in one of your posts, so I just wanted to say hi.
    thanks for the info we do have a Craiglist here in the UK so im gonna have a search through it today, i sent the friend request as i could find a way to reply to you, hope you dont mind
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