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  • Definitly man, the radio is a huge part to the GTA games and it would be great for them to bring back old radio personalities from Vice City. It's almost certain that they'll bring back Lazlow again, but Vice City would be nice. Vice City was my favorite though and they should definitly use the same formula as before by doing Vice City and then San Andreas. What time-line would you like to see in the new GTA games?
    woah, thank god someone finally says that they want to go back to Vice City. Everybody always says San Andreas and you'd probably assume I'd say the same coming from Los Angeles and all... no way. Vice City all the way man. I'm about sick and tired of Liberty City though... GTA V better not be in Liberty again.
    whoo!!! Nina Minami!!

    but Bae Seul Gi is a personal favorite girl of mine... but I gotta show the love for Nina Minami
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